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‘No homework or excess burden on my little girl in this school’

A nursery student’s father talks about the various ways in which the school promotes learning in a stress-free environment



Dr Yogesh Kumar Arya is paediatric intensivist at SICKKIDS Hospital, Toronto. His wife Dr Sapana Kumari works as a consultant eye surgeon, ASG Narang Eye Institute, Delhi. In 2021, the couple enrolled their daughter Ishanvi in Apeejay School, Panchsheel Park, in nursery. In an interview, the father tells us all about how his little girl is showing overall development, thanks to her teachers.


What made you pick Apeejay for Ishanvi?

We always wanted to send Ishanvi to a school with good academics and great infrastructure; the kind of school that focuses on overall growth, from academics to physical growth, cultural and spiritual connection, sports, art, and creativity. One of my mentors suggested I could find it all at Apeejay school. That is why we opted for the school, and we are happy we made the right decision.

Was the admission process smooth? What was your first impression?  

The admission process was quite smooth, quite contrary to what we had heard about the cumbersome process parents had to go through for admission into schools in Delhi. At Apeejay, everything was quite transparent, which we really appreciate.

What developments are you seeing in Ishanvi?

As a parent, I feel proud of how Ishanvi is improving each day. We are happy that she can now read small sentences by herself. She understands and talks in English. She can identify the alphabet, which is good progress. She also takes interest in painting, kitchen activities, sports, and more. Thanks to the encouragement from her teachers, she is no longer scared of performing on stage. She is showing special interest in school assemblies and dances.

I would like to mention that after the grandparents’ day celebration, she developed a different level of affection and attachment with our parents, which is great. Her social awareness and interaction skills are also improving every day, which is appropriate for her age. 

Ishanvi is enjoying her time at school. She volunteers for household chores also and helps her mother. As a single child, she is also learning to share and care, which is a good thing. Overall, we are very happy with her development.

As working parents, what kind of support do you get from the school when it comes to keeping track of your child’s progress?

Our major concern was whether Ishanvi would engage with the class teacher and cope with the school. But I am happy to say that her teacher, particularly Nisha ma’am, focuses a lot on her progress, both academic and otherwise. She also keeps us updated about her progress. The parent-teacher meetings have been fruitful so far.

The best thing is that the kids do not have homework. There is no extra baggage for my little girl, which helps us a lot as parents.

What do you have to say about the safety and security measures taken by the school?

The transportation facility is safe. Around the campus, we also found that the security guards are very vigilant and allow no one inside the premises, which gives us a sense of security. The availability of the female staff to help the students with the use of washroom facilities or changing clothes gives us further assurance.

What should other parents keep in mind while picking a school for their child?

In my opinion, an ideal school is one that keeps your child attached to their roots, family, and country, and helps them understand the structure of society. We should definitely choose a school that boosts a child’s mental and physical growth and helps them learn in a stress-free environment, whether it is studies, sports, or any other co-curricular activity.

Disha Roy Choudhury is a Principal Correspondent at Apeejay Newsroom. She has worked as a journalist at different media organisations. She is also passionate about music and has participated in reality shows.

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