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Need for education



By: Sancia Jindal

“Education is the most powerful weapon that you can use to change this world.”

The above-mentioned quote is given by Nelson Mandela. In this colossal world, education has become the quintessential means to reach the pinnacle of success. We, children, study, and our parents fulfill their duty of providing us the ways to attain education so that we can have a bright future.

In the past, education was usually neglected. This was because of many reasons, such as people couldn’t afford education, backward thinking, and other reasons. This usually happened in the case of a girl child.

A number of families used to stop girls from receiving education. Instead, they used to tell them to sit at home and do housework. However, in the modern era, these things don’t take place except in some backward rural areas. Besides, the government has implemented many programs so that children can get an education.

Therefore, we all should be grateful for the education we are getting, as there are so many children in the world who aren’t even aware of its importance.