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‘My school encourages research-based learning’

Vivaan Khanna, a young chef, chess player and writer shares how Apeejay School International, South Delhi has enhanced his skills



A student of Middle-Years-Programme – I, Vivaan Khanna’s favoruite subjects are English and Mathematics. In his free time, he likes to solve mental math equations or play chess. Soon to become a published author at a young age, Vivaan talks about his favourite activities at school. Read On:   

How and when did you begin at chess?

I was five-years-old when I started gaining interest in sports. Then, my mother encouraged me to learn it formally and so, I received coaching for some time. I also appeared for a chess tournament at the school-level and won it. At present, I practice the sport online at ‘’ – a free online chess platform.

What are your top moves at the game?

In chess, you have to look for pieces and opportunities that could work in your favour. In my game, I move the King two steps ahead, it is my basic move. I always open the Bishop from the left to the right diagonal, so that it can attack the Knight on the opponent’s side.

Any chess players you look up to?

Magnus Carlsen, the Norwegian chess grandmaster and our very own Viswanathan Anand. I think they are the best players in the game.

You are soon to publish your book. What is it titled?

‘The Tale of Darkness’ – it is a gothic book. It currently runs eight chapters and I am still working towards finalising it.

Your current read?

‘The Three Musketeers’ by the French author, Alexandre Dumas.

Any favourite hobby?

Cooking! During the lockdown, I tried my hands at some dishes. Baking a cake is among my favourites.

What is your career ambition?

I aspire to become a chess master.

How is your school aiding in furthering your goals?

I really love being at school. At the moment, we are on a summer break but I am looking forward to being in my classes. My school follows an International Baccalaureate curriculum which is based on learning activities. It offers many options for playing different kinds of sports in the school, and I really enjoy it. Also, we are encouraged to research on our favourite topics of study and I feel very inclined towards historical research.

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