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‘My Mom’s battle with migraine strengthened my resolve to become a neurosurgeon,’ says one of the class 10 toppers of Apeejay School International, Greater Noida



Manan Tyagi, who secured third rank in the school with 96%, says he resolved to become a neurosurgeon after witnessing his mom’s battle with Migraine. For the uninitiated, a neurosurgeon is trained in the diagnosis and treatment of disorders related to the brain, spine, and other parts of your nervous system. “I live in Greater Noida and there’s only one renowned neurosurgeon in my area. I want to help others with neurological issues. Also, sports-related neurological injuries are on the rise with concussion being the best example. I am a sports buff, so I want to help athletes reach their full potential. I can do this by becoming a neurosurgeon.” No wonder, Tyagi opted for Medical stream in class 11.

According to Tyagi, being attentive in class and daily revision is his success mantra. “Daily revision in the form of writing down the notes in your own words helps you memorise the stuff more easily. This also ensures that your syllabus doesn’t pile up at the last moment. It also makes learning fun and easy. Let me explain it through an example. Suppose you need seven hours to learn a subject. It’s better to give those seven hours over a course of time rather than slugging it out a day before the exam.”

Manan scored 100 in Social Science. How did he achieve this feat? “My teachers used to consistently give me sample papers and provided me valuable feedback on how I could better myself. My Social Science teacher taught me how to structure my answers. I believe one can score full marks in one’s strong subjects.”

Krish Thareja topped the school with 97.4%. He scored 100 in German and 99 in Maths. “I put in a lot of hard work and read my NCERT books thoroughly. I put a special emphasis on my writing skills which is crucial to score well. I also solved a lot of question papers. I would advise others not to compromise on the revision part. I revised all the syllabus thrice before the pre-board exams. I used to jot down important points during classes and later frame them in a proper manner. This helped me understand and retain what I learned in class.”

Thareja said he underwent a psychometric test to help him pick the right stream. “Psychometric tests help you to identify your skills, knowledge and personality. The test was done in my school. I got the feedback that Maths is my forte and Commerce stream will suit me best. I am also interested in the finance field and aim to become a Chartered Accountant.”

Stuti Gupta came a close second with 97.2% and scored 99 in English, Social Science and Information Technology. She too, like other toppers, highlighted the importance of revision. “When you revise a freshly learned topic it helps you to remember facts, figures, topics and methodologies. I maintained a study schedule throughout the year rather than just pulling up my socks right before the exams. But, I also took out time for leisure activities.”

Stuti, who wants to become a doctor, says it’s important to take short breaks while studying. “I believe 45 minutes of continuous study is more than enough as it helps the brain consolidate information and retain it better. Taking part in extra extracurricular activities is also crucial to increase your confidence.”

“There are always new branded challenges to confront and true winner will impress each one. The students of Apeejay International School have proved their mettle with class 10 results I want to thank parents and teacher without their support it would not have been possible I wish my students will continue to soar high and achieve excellence in whatever field they choose to be.”

-Sarita Pande, Principal, Apeejay International School, Greater Noida

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