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‘My daughter has sobered since she started school’

The father of a student at Apeejay School, Panchsheel Park says that he is very happy with his daughter’s progress



For some parents, the first impression has a lasting impression. Having lived in South Delhi for over 20 years, Mukesh Kumar Mishra was very adamant about where he would send his daughter when it came to the admission of his daughter, Myra to the nursery.

“I had not only heard about Apeejay but I also knew that it was a good school with great teachers and even better infrastructure. And even though we have now shifted to Faridabad, Myra still goes to Apeejay School in Panchsheel Park. It was important for my wife, Bandana, and me that our daughter studies in a school with a strong academic record,” Mishra said, who works at Ernst & Young Global Limited as a senior technical consultant.  

Excerpts from an interview.

What are some of the changes in Myra since she started school?

There have been several. She has become sober and has even calmed down. To begin with, she was very naughty at home. But from the minute she started going to school she settled down very fast. This surprised us since she never went to a preschool and had no idea about school. Both my wife and I were a little worried about how she would behave in school. But we have only got positive feedback from the teachers.

What are some of the things that she has learnt so far?

There have been many. She has learnt phonetics. She can write numbers and alphabets. She knows how to hold the pencil properly. These are small things that as parents you pick up and feel proud about. In most of her work, she gets a star. So we are happy.

How did the teachers help your daughter adjust to school life?

Her teachers have been very good. Myra is extremely attached to her mother. More so because of COVID-19 and the lockdown that happened. I would go to work but my wife is a homemaker. We thought she would cry and not want to go to school. But just the opposite happened. She loves school and has not cried even for a single day. I would say that the teachers had a big hand in this.

Are you satisfied with the teaching methodology?

We are very satisfied. Given the progress that Myra has made in just under 10 months, we are happy. Her class teacher Meenakshi ma’am is really good. My daughter keeps talking about her all the time. Myra has to date never said a negative against her teacher; it is always about how good ma’am is. From the minute she gets off the bus, she chats with her mother about her teacher only.

Some parents struggle to build a connection with their kids. What can they do?

I would say that one should initiate the conversation as one would with a friend. Gone are the days when your parents said something and you blindly followed it. Kids today want an explanation for everything and why things have to be done in a certain manner. It becomes easier to explain if you become a friend to your child. Of course, you need to be a parent as well and teach life lessons.

Also, parents must show interest in their child’s life. Ask what is happening in their life; who their friends are from the very beginning. This will make the child comfortable and he/she will slowly end up sharing everything there is to know.

How is your relationship with Myra?

I would say that we bond very well. I am away at work the whole day but if I get late, she will immediately call me and ask why I have got delayed or when I will get back. She will tell me that she is missing me and wants me to reach home at the earliest. As a parent, this is such a wonderful feeling.

Should you initiate a conversation with your child?

Definitely. You can’t wait for the child to come to you. To begin with, the parents must offer that comfort level to the child so that he/she has the confidence to walk up to the parent and share anything and everything. The child must not shy away or be scared of approaching a parent if something has gone wrong.

A lot of this has to also come from observing the child. The parent must pick up any signs of the strange behaviour of the child and immediately take corrective action.

Would you recommend Apeejay to others?

Of course. I always do it in the office when the conversation steers to school, education and kids. I live in a joint family. I have a one-year-old daughter as well. When she is old enough, she will also go to Apeejay. We have also been trying to shift my nephew’s school to Apeejay. Unfortunately, we have not been successful. Hopefully, it should happen this academic year.

Shalini is an Executive Editor with Apeejay Newsroom. With a PG Diploma in Business Management and Industrial Administration and an MA in Mass Communication, she was a former Associate Editor with News9live. She has worked on varied topics - from news-based to feature articles.

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