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My back-to-school experience



By Avira Chauhan

‘Nostalgia’ is one word that describes my feeling when I entered my school after 2 years. Meeting my friends in-person after such a long time felt like homecoming. After all, they say ‘school is your second home.’

On day one, we were pleasantly surprised with a special prayer organised by our teachers. We thanked God for our good health and prayed for a disease-free life. The last time I remember being at school was when I was in the Primary Wing. Now, along with my fellow classmates, I have graduated to the Senior-Wing. On my first day back to school, in the new pathways of school, I was lost. My teachers guided me to the classroom and I took 2-3 days to adjust to the new surroundings.

Till I was in the classroom, I did not realise how much I missed attending physical school. I felt delighted and overwhelmed. Among my teachers and friends, we wished each other ‘Good morning’ and introduced ourselves. Finally, faces were attached to the names we have been hearing about and seeing on our computer screens.

My classmates and I engaged in long non-stop discussions. We had many interactive sessions with our teachers. My favourite time was undoubtedly the games period.

Some students of class 1 who hadn’t witnessed school life before also came to school for the first time. Initially, they felt different and hesitant. But soon, with the guidance of their primary teachers they got accustomed to the rules and regulations of the school.

It was a great feeling to have our lives back to normal. The pandemic certainly allowed us to learn new things and adapt to changes but I am happy to be back at school.