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Monsoon musings: Rainy days and unexpected holidays



By Namya Agarwal 

I am fond of the monsoon season because it brings with it the joyful sight of little children playing in the rain. Moreover, as students, we often find ourselves enjoying unplanned holidays when the rain becomes particularly heavy. There’s a special excitement when these unexpected breaks coincide with my birthday, although celebrating with friends is much more appealing than spending the entire day at home. Many of my friends share this sentiment.

During the rainy season, I particularly relish the earthy scent that rises from the ground. However, I am aware that not everyone enjoys the monsoon as much as I do. Those who walk or ride two-wheelers face numerous challenges during heavy rain, especially in our area, Sector 35 in Kharghar. Our roads are riddled with pits and puddles, making navigation a tricky endeavour.

I would like to make a request to the government to consider repairing these roads. Year after year, the residents of Sector 35 have to contend with these issues, and it would greatly improve our quality of life if these road problems gets addressed.