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Make Positive Thinking An Attitude Of Life

In the second episode of ‘Apeejay@Cares4u’, Apeejay School, Pitampura stresses the importance of keeping a positive mindset during the coronavirus pandemic



To lift the spirit of students and lend a helping hand to each other in this time of uncertainty, Apeejay School, Pitampura organised the second episode of  online programme called ‘Apeejay@Cares4u’ on May 29, 2021. This programme is held every Saturday to allow students to partake in exciting cultural activities such as yoga, folk tales, music, etc. The theme for the event was ‘Positivity’. Quoting Helen Keller, Co-host and student Saanvi Kalra said “Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see a shadow. Positivity is good for our mental health and immune system.”

Further elaborating on the importance of positivity, class 8 student Tanusri Bijesure remarked “Winston Churchill rightly said, ‘The POSITIVE THINKER sees the INVISIBLE, feels the INTANGIBLE, and achieves the IMPOSSIBLE.’ Difficulties in our lives are like the dark heavy clouds in the sky, hiding the sun and making our day gloomy and sometimes even scary. A positive thinker has the ability to scatter those clouds from one’s mind and bring back sun and brightness into their lives.”
“Happiness never decreases from being shared. One can stay positive during the pandemic times by reaching out to your loved ones through different virtual meeting platforms and communicating with them. One can relax themselves by meditating, doing Yoga and several other exercises. However, we first need to acknowledge the existence of positive thinking. Though, it’s not enough to be aware of its existence as one needs to make it an attitude of life,” added Tanusri. Lavnya Puri, a class 8 student sang a soulful prayer to set up the tempo.

Talking about the benefits of regular physical activity, teacher Arvind Kaushal said “Never think I have nothing, never think I have everything, but always think I have something and I can achieve anything. Exercise helps you to look good and feel good. It improves your posture and keeps your joints flexible so you can move efficiently. Mental well-being also improves by doing exercise. Exercise makes you confident to better deal with difficult situations. If you don’t find time for today’s fitness, you are saving that time for tomorrow’s sickness.”

Teacher Sudhir Ranjan guided students on simple breathing exercises to keep their lungs healthy. He also gave a few helpful tips to maintain a correct posture in the current scenario of online education.  

R Karthik from class 7 played a melodious ‘Rupak Taal’ on Tabla. Divyanshi Singh narrated an inspiring poem on ‘Positivity’. In the Geet Mala section, alumnus Aayushman Jha sang a euphonious song while alumnus Anand played ‘Ye Hosla’ on violin.

Teacher Karuna Mishra narrated an invigorating story on how helping others gives you a sense of satisfaction and happiness. She said, “If you help someone with heart then you are no less than a God for that person. Be a messiah for others.” While concluding the session, school Principal Ms. Veena Goel and Vice-Principal Dr Sujeet Eric Masih commended the efforts of students and teachers.

“‘Apeejay@Cares4u’ is a well-crafted programme which connects families and school. It’s not impossible to achieve what you want with a little smile in your heart, positivity in your mind and a spring in your step. I would like to thank our teachers and students who have risen to the occasion.”

Ms. Veena Goel, Principal, Apeejay School, Pitampura

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