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Mahavir Marg badminton champs come good, once again

Ishaan Sharma, Manya Ralhan and Liza Tank of Apeejay School Mahavir Marg smashed opponents’ reputations to secure first position in the Punjab State badminton championship



“A little progress each day adds up to big results”

Apeejay Mahavir Marg shuttlers have once again brought laurels to the school. The popular trio of badminton aces: Ishaan Sharma, Manya Ralhan and Liza Tank have all secured the first position in the Punjab State badminton championship held from October 26 -31.

Class 9 student Ishaan Sharma won the first position in the under-15 boys singles and doubles categories. Speaking about his experience in the competitive event, he said, “There were 128 players participating from all districts of Punjab. I played a total of seven matches till the final. It was a very competitive tournament and it was at its toughest during the semi-final and final matches. The semi-final match went up till the third set. It was very tough”.

Elaborated Sharma, “I have been preparing for this tournament for a year but the last two months of training were crucial. I did an hour of running, sprints and gym training, especially some wrist exercises. I also increased my intake of proteins”. He further stated, “The school teachers helped me cover up academically whenever I could not attend a class due to the practice sessions. I am focused on performing well in the nationals now.”

Manya Ralhan, a student of class 10, secured the first position in under-17 girls doubles and mixed doubles categories. She also bagged the third position in singles under-17 category. She said, “It was a very good experience for me. It was an explosive tournament with so many good players competing from all over Punjab. I felt very happy and satisfied after winning such a tough tournament. It was very hectic as well. I had to play 5 matches consecutively on the final day.”

About her training routine, Ralhan said, “I had early morning training sessions from 5-7 AM.  Then another session from 9-12 and then a final session from 6- 8:30 in the evening. I worked a lot on my attack and defence for this tournament.” She added, “The school provided me with notes whenever I could not attend a match due to the tournament. I felt very encouraged.”

Liza Tank won the first position in the Under-17 girls’ doubles category. She also bagged the second position in the under-17 mixed doubles category.

Speaking about the tournament she said, “It was a very good tournament. I met some wonderful coaches there. During the lockdown everyone improved their game, so this tournament gave us all an opportunity to test our skills. I played some 8-9 matches in this tournament.” She added, “I had a very rigorous training regime for this tournament. Training sessions began in the morning from 5-7AM. I had another session from 10-3 in the afternoon and a final session from 6-7 in the evening. It included game practice, gym training, strength, agility training everything.”

“Sports shapes the personality of a student. It teaches us discipline, courage, fortitude and commitment. I congratulate my students on their remarkable achievement and wish them the best for their future targets”

-Girish Kumar, Principal, Apeejay School, Mahavir Marg

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