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Kathak on wheels: How Aasma Kapoor perfected her passion for roller skate dancing at 14



In a candid interview, Aasma Kapoor, a class 10 student of Apeejay School, Panchsheel Park, New Delhi talks about how roller-skate dancing helps her combine her dual passions of skating and dancing.

Tell us about yourself?
I have been dancing for as long as I can remember. I simply love it. Though my interest is not just limited to dance, I take part in almost all the extra-curricular activities. In fact, in class 9, I was the cultural head of school where my job was to encourage others to take part in various school events. Earlier this year, I was skating at home while listening to a song. For some reason, I started moving my body to the beat. That was the first time I got an idea of dancing on a roller skate. I made up my mind to debut with this dance form in the school cultural event called Indradhanush. I worked on my choreography and practiced a lot before the event. In the event, I performed Kathak on wheels. My experimentation was met with rave reviews from my teachers and friends. I would also like to inform you that I have completed my four-year degree in Kathak from Sangeet Niketan, a dance and music academy in Delhi. Skating and dancing are my passion. Roller skate dancing gives me the best of both worlds.

When did you start learning roller skating?
In LKG, we used to have a skating period. This is when I got hooked on skating. I loved the thrill of skating and I felt like I was flying. Though I fell while skating a thousand times, my unflinching passion for the sport made me persist with skating. Since class 4, at every Annual Day function, I have been showcasing dancing and skating skills. Though I have specialised in Kathak, I love all dance forms. My aim is to professionally learn as many dance forms as possible.

How do beginners learn to skate?
One needs to have courage. Falling is bound to happen when you’re learning to roller skate. The best way to protect yourself from falls is to wear protective gear. Always wear a helmet, elbow and knee pads, and wrist guards. The key is to overcome your initial fear, once that’s taken care of, there’s nothing stopping you from doing what you want.

Tell us about the support you received from your parents and teachers?
My mother is a librarian with Apeejay School, Panchsheel Park, while my father is working as Design Analyst with MK Solutions Pvt. Ltd. I have got full support and encouragement from them. Talking about my teachers, I had always shared a great rapport with them. Like my parents, they have always prodded me to follow my passion.

How do you maintain the balance between studies and your hobbies?
My teachers are extremely supportive. When the physical classes were going on, teachers used to give me extra classes since I was always busy with co-curricular activities. As my mother is a librarian, I used to stay back in school every day and leave with her at 4pm.
I utilised this time to consult teachers to get my queries resolved. Though, balancing academics and extra-curricular activities is not a cakewalk, with the right attitude and a consistent schedule, you can do anything.

“Dance is a solution to my every problem. When I am sad I dance. When I am happy I dance. During the pandemic, I used the spare time to perfect my dance skills. I am also learning Inline skating. Unlike quad skates, which have two front and two rear wheels, inline skates typically have two to five wheels arranged in a single line.”

Aasma Kapoor

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