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Inspired by the Mahatma, Mahavir Marg students walk the extra yard

Students of the Interact Club visit Gandhi Vanita Ashram and interact with its residents to return sensitised to the needs of the society



Mahatma Gandhi had once said “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” Students of Apeejay School Mahavir Marg, appeared to have been inspired by this life credo when they visited the Gandhi Vanita Ashram, a state government-aided orphanage for girls in Jalandhar.

The orphanage provides shelter to 60 girls, taking responsibility for their education and upbringing.

Students belonging to the Interact Club of the school were a part of this venture.  Teacher in-charge Amarjyot Kaur visited the orphanage along with three students: Priyambika Beri, Khushi Sharma and Arshiya Garg of classes 10, 11 and 12 respectively.

The staff welcomed the students cordially and gave them a tour of the ashram.  They told the students that all the girls were legally adopted under the CARA guidelines (Central Adoption Resource Authority).

The students interacted with the girls and distributed tiffin boxes and water bottles among them.

Said class 11 student Khushi Sharma: “I was happy to see every girl there wearing a mask, following all Covid-19 precautions. The ashram did not have even a speck of dust, it was so spick and span.  The girls at the ashram were so full of life. Most of them wanted to become police-officers and doctors when they grew up. Some of them were also interested in pursuing fine arts such as dance. One of the girls also showed us a dance performance.”

The residents of the ashram presented the students with handmade cards as a token of their appreciation. Teacher in-charge Amarjyot Kaur said that the students came back sensitised to the needs of the society and aware of their responsibility towards it.

“Visits to places like Gandhi Vanita Ashram are humbling experiences needed for the current generation of students. Such encounters with the harsh realities of life develop empathy, humanity and gratitude in our children making them a complete human and complement their education. Upon their return, I felt my students were wiser, humbler and more grateful to the providence for their life.”

-Girish Kumar, Principal, Apeejay School Mahavir Marg, Jalandhar

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