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Inculcating manners in a child is impossible without parents-teachers coordination: Sonia Shinh



Sonia Shinh with her husband and son

Delhi-based businesswoman Sonia Shinh (25), shifted to Jalandhar after her marriage with Sahil Shinh, who is engaged in the business of jewellery. Along with handling the accounts in the business, Shinh takes time out to dote on her son Manan. She talks about how she is keen to lay a strong foundation for her son via Apeejay. Read on.

Can you tell us something about Manan?

Manan is a very active and brilliant child. He is studying in LKG at Rhythms Kinderworld, Apeejay, Model Town, in Jalandhar. He grasps everything very quickly in the classes. That’s a boon for us.  Like many other 4-year-old boys, he loves to play cricket and ride his bicycle.

How does Manan spend his day at home?

He wakes up at 9 am and gets ready for his online classes at 10 am. His classes get over by 12 and then he takes a half-an-hour break. Then I make sure that he sits for his self-study.  Till 2 pm, he takes his lunch and then plays for 1-2 hours. This is the time when he shows his naughtiness. No studies in the evening.

Is he comfortable with the online classes?

He is really comfortable with online classes. As I told you, he grasps things quickly, so he pays complete attention to his teachers and makes sure he learns everything. He is punctual about his classes and also finishes all his assignments on time. I am happy with the online classes.

Are you happy with the decision of choosing Rhythms Apeejay?

Yes, I am. Apeejay is renowned in my locality as a great school. I used to talk to parents who gave us the feedback that Apeejay is a very good school and I must enrol my child here. I had an option to send him to Mahavir Marg as well, but I chose Model Town.

What is unique about this school?

The faculty here is very nice. They are very cooperative. Any time we need help they respond with promptness. The coordination is the best thing here. The pace at which they are completing the syllabus is perfect. They are neither running too fast nor too slow.

What are the traits that your son has picked up at school?

If it would have been offline classes, there could be more scope of learning behaviour and developing personality traits. But with online classes, he has definitely learnt manners.  Inculcating manners in a child is not one man’s job. Both parents and teachers have to have coordination. As I mentioned, the staff at Rhythms are very good in coordination, so my child is getting the best. Manan is very polite and greets everyone. He respects his elders.

Will he continue to study at Apeejay?

Definitely, we will continue with the same school. That is why we got his admissions at Rhythms so that he gets his base at Apeejay and stays here till Class 12.

“Apeejay is helping my son to build a strong foundation and whatever you learn at the initial age, stays with you forever.”

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