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In Apeejay Svran Global School, Faridabad there’s a strong bond between teachers and students: Shayantoni Bhattacharya



Shayantoni Bhattacharya with her husband Ankshu Bhattacharya and children Anshika and Adhiraj

Shayantoni Bhattacharya is an arts and crafts teacher and her husband, Ankshu Bhattacharya, is working with Nippon Steel as General Manager Administration and HR. Their two kids, Anshika and Adhiraj, are studying at Apeejay Svran Global School, Faridabad since Nursery. The former is in class 9 while the latter is in class 4. In an interview, she explains how a robust teacher-student bond leads to effective learning.

What made you prefer Apeejay over other schools?
Anshika was in the first batch of students when the school was established in 2011. Many members from my husband’s family have studied in Apeejay schools and they are all doing well in life. Secondly, as an arts and crafts teacher I often visit various schools to teach students. What I have noticed is that there’s a strong bond between teachers and students in Apeejay schools. In many other schools teachers have little or no interest in either children or teaching. As a teacher, I strongly believe that teachers who foster positive relationships with their students create classroom environments more conducive to learning.

Tell us about the growth you have witnessed in your children over the years?
The biggest difference I have seen in my children is that they have a clear understanding of basic concepts of every subject. Basic information is a prerequisite for complex learning. I have seen children from other schools who are struggling to grasp difficult topics because their basics are not clear. My children are also learning other useful things. For example, Anshika taught us the ice-cube trick to remove excess fat/oil from a dish. If you place ice-cubes briefly on top of the dish it will cause the fat to ‘stick to’ the ice-cube (because the lower temperature causes the fat to solidify). You can then remove the ice-cubes and warm your food. This is how the students are putting into practice what’s being taught in the class. Like Anshika, Adhiraj too is making great progress. It’s a given that both my children will complete their schooling from Apeejay.

How are the teachers at Apeejay?
They are the best. Even during online classes, teachers maintain a strict vigil on students. They ensure that every student is focused during the class and is learning what’s being taught. The reason why students take tuitions is because teachers don’t involve students in the learning process. Anshika is in class 9, but we’ve never felt the need to give her tuition classes. Even for French classes, she is effectively managing herself. It’s a testimony to the professionalism of Apeejay teachers. Another thing that I love about teachers is that they genuinely care about the welfare of students. If a student gets sick, they make calls to enquire about his/her well-being. This helps foster healthy student-teacher relationships.

Does the school also give emphasis to extra-curricular activities?
Teachers of Apeejay find out what students care about and like to do. They then back them all the way. My daughter is pursuing a graduation in Kathak from Kalanidhi, a dance academy run by Pandit Birju Maharaj. It takes six years to complete. She is slated to finish her graduation next year. When she was in pre-nursery, one of Anshika’s teachers saw the potential in her and recommended us to give professional training to Anshika in Kathak. Coming to Adhiraj, he is interested in cricket and dance.

“I have recommended Apeejay to numerous relatives and friends. I tell them that Apeejay provides a homely atmosphere to students which aids in holistic learning. My children are in so much love with the school that they are excited about going to school all year.”

-Shayantoni Bhattacharya

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