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In Apeejay Svran Global School, Faridabad, teachers give personalised attention to every student: Sucheta Rahela



Sucheta Ruhela with her husband Pradeep Kumar Ruhela, daughter Shauryaa and son Shashwat

Sucheta Ruhela is a former lecturer with Delhi University and is pursuing her PhD in epigraphy these days. Her husband, Pradeep Kumar Ruhela, is in the construction business. The couple has two children Shauryaa and Shashwat. The former is in class 8 while the latter is in class 3 of Apeejay Svran Global School, Faridabad. In an interview, she explains how the school has brought out the best in her children.

What made you pick Apeejay?
We always have goodwill towards the school due to Apeejay’s glorious history in the field of education. We had also carefully observed Apeejay alumni residing in our neighbourhood and we were mighty impressed with their academic performance, all-round development and good behaviour. Sometimes, children become arrogant if they are good in studies, but not Apeejay students. So, we wanted to admit Shauryaa in Apeejay School Faridabad, Sector-15 in Nursery, but owing to unavailability of seats we had to admit her in a different school. But after some time we came to know that Apeejay has opened a new branch, Apeejay Svran Global School, Faridabad, and we got Shauryaa admitted to the school in KG. Shashwat has been studying in Apeejay since Nursery.

Has the school performed as per your expectations?
Of course, we’ve had a great experience with the school till now. Apeejay has a good student-teacher ratio due to which children get personalised attention from the teachers. Parents get prompt replies from teachers on their queries. In fact, teachers never get tired answering our queries, I don’t know what the source of their energy is (laughs)? Unlike Apeejay, most schools don’t share the contact number of their teacher with parents. Last but not least, the school encourages each and every student to participate in extracurricular-activities. Students are given the required confidence to perform uninhibitedly on the stage. For instance, when Shauryaa was admitted in Apeejay, her confidence was on the lower side, but over time her self-confidence has increased substantially. Now, she can perform on stage without any inhibition. Coming to Shashwat, it wasn’t easy to handle him, but teachers have managed him pretty well. Both my children actively participate in all extracurricular activities.

What other things do you like about the school?
To better prepare students for future competitive exams, students are being prepared from the beginning to take tests in MCQ (Multiple-choice Questions) format. The school is also giving huge emphasis on ‘Reasoning’ from class 6 onwards. There’s a dedicated class for Reasoning.  I would also like to talk about the importance given to remedial classes. Sometimes, students feel hesitant to get their doubts clarified from teachers, remedial classes give them an opportunity to clear their concepts.

Can you please share some memorable moments with us?  
For the students of Apeejay, the Annual Function is nothing short of a grand festival. I remember, we were in Jim Corbett National Park and the school annual function was on the anvil. Shauryaa started crying and said she can’t miss the Annual Function at any cost. We had no choice but to go home (laughs). I would like to share another memorable instance. Ms. Sukriti Mehta was the class teacher of Shashwat in class 1 and 2. She has left the school now. Ms. Sukriti brought it to our attention that though Shashwat is good in studies his writing speed is slow. I requested the teacher to be patient with my child. She understood my concern and for two consecutive years she worked relentlessly on Shashwat’s hand-writing skills. I can’t thank Ms. Sukriti enough.

“Unlike other schools, teachers in Apeejay never discourage or demotivate students who need extra help. I also commend the teachers for doing their best to remove the shortcomings in each and every student.  My eight-year-old son is so much in love with the school that before the pandemic he used to insist on going to school even on holidays.”

Sucheta Ruhela

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