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‘In Apeejay School International, Teachers don’t move on to a new lesson till everyone has learned the current topic’



Sakshi Khetterpal with her daughter Suhina Khetterpal 

Ms. Sakshi Khetterpal’s daughter Suhina Khetterpal is in class 2 of Apeejay School International, Panchsheel Park. In this freewheeling interview, Ms. Sakshi thanks the school for making her daughter more confident and assertive.

Why did you pick Apeejay School International?
I was more inclined to make my child learn new things through practical experience instead of the traditional mode of rote learning. When I was in school the emphasis was on mugging up facts and figures and less on learning. Obviously, I didn’t want that for my child. I wanted her to understand things critically. Hence, I opted for International School instead of CBSE. So, we visited a lot of schools and talked to numerous teachers. But, we were not satisfied. When we met Mr. Purshottam Dutt Vashisht, Principal Apeejay School International he explained everything in detail. Also, the Student–teacher ratio in Apeejay was lower compared to other schools. I thought, this will help my daughter get personal attention. We were also satisfied after meeting all the teachers. Another reason to pick Apeejay School International was because of its vicinity to our residence and it’s the best option one can get in Delhi. I would also like to point out that Suhina did her KG from Apeejay Rhythms Kinderworld, GK-2, New Delhi.

How has been your experience with the school till now?  
We live in a joint family. When I compare Suhina with other CBSE going kids from our joint family I can proudly say that I am happy with her progress. The confidence of my daughter has increased tremendously. Earlier, Suhina was a bit shy and introvert. She used to take my help to set up her online classes, but now she does everything by herself. She has become more involved in the class and shares opinions frequently. In fact, all the students from her class are doing well because the teachers explain the concepts in a detailed manner. The best part is that till the time everyone in the class has understood a particular concept, teachers don’t move on to the next topic. Let me share an example with you. Recently, students were taught about our solar system. I noticed that till the time every child didn’t understand everything about the planets teachers didn’t move on to the next topic. Teachers also make use of interesting videos to make students learn. In our times, teachers used to move forward to the next topic irrespective of whether someone has understood the topic or not. Also, the homework given to students is practical and playful. Let me again give you the solar system example. After making students understand the topic thoroughly, teachers asked the students to talk about what they understood from the topic in any way they could. They could do it through PPT, Video, Drawing, Notes,etc.  This gives the liberty to students to express themselves comfortably and they don’t see homework as a burden. I saw teachers teaching addition and subtraction through kidney beans and Chana.

Are teachers cooperative?
Teachers are very supportive. You can call them anytime and discuss at length about your child. This is not just my experience, but every parent has got a positive response from teachers. 

I keep recommending Apeejay School International to other parents. The teachers are well-read and explain concepts in a detailed and engaging manner. Even with the limitations of online learning the emphasis has always been on practical learning. I remember students were taught ‘skip counting’ on the house floor.

-Ms. Sakshi Khetterpal

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