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Teachers at Apeejay help discover the latent talent of children: Manisha Mehta



A family picture of Manisha Mehta with her husband Nitin and kids – Aksh (L) and Akshara

Manisha Mehta is a 32-year-old teacher, a resident of Faridabad have two children:  Aksh (7) and Akshara (5). Both of them are studying at Apeejay School, Faridabad. Manisha’s husband Nitin Mehta is in Canada to pursue his MBA these days. Sharing her honest review about the school and her experience as a parent, Manisha talked to Apeejay Newsroom. Read on.
Why did you choose Apeejay School for both your children?
Apeejay has been an established name for more than 50 years. It has a respectable reputation. In the national capital region, you won’t find such a stable school for your kids. Also, most of my friends and relatives, who are alumni of Apeejay School, Faridabad, are doing well in their lives.
Also, most importantly, when I was in grade 10, I got admission in Apeejay but my sister wanted to go in the other counterpart. So, I followed her. Now my children are living my dream to study in Apeejay.
Tell us something else about your children?
My son Aksh has a curious mind. He is in grade two now. He is an active participant in all the curricular activities, whether in the school or outside.  In 2019, Aksh won a bronze medal in a state-level competition in kick-boxing. Recognising his achievement, Aksh’s photograph was published in the school’s Annual Report. He doesn’t like to get bored, rather he loves to engage in learning something new. Recently, for instance, he learnt to solve 3×3 Rubik’s
cube and pyramid cube.
Akshara, who is studying in KG class, is an equal participant in all the extra-curricular activities. Of course, she is too young to participate in state-level competitions. Also, due to the lockdown all these participations have been suspended. But she did perform in the annual day function. She loves to dance and has performed Bharatanatyam virtually for the audience.  All her teachers make her participate in every school function.
Do the children miss going to school?
They certainly do. My son has studied in Nursery and KG before the lockdown but my daughter hasn’t got the opportunity to go to school yet. Aksh still has vivid memories of school. He talks about his last school picnic to Kidzania, the gurudwara visit etc.
Not just my kids, even I miss going to their school. I used to accompany my son for every competition and event. We used to click photographs, meet teachers and other parents. Along with my kids, I used to enjoy these occasions.
Is Apeejay promoting the talent of your children?
Indeed, it is. The good thing about the teachers is that they themselves identify the latent individual talents of every child. As a mother, I know what my child is good at or is capable of. But for a teacher to recognise it and promote it is definitely a blessing. Even in the annual function that was hosted online, my daughter was asked to perform classical dance.
Your relations with the school and the teachers?
Teachers here are very cooperative. The best part is that even for seemingly trivial things, they take so much interest. They promote the talents, studies and curriculum activities. Even in the parent-teacher meetings, the teachers give us an in-depth review of our child.

“I feel assured that my children are in safe hands and the teachers will enhance my kids’ skillset.”

-Manisha Mehta

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