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‘I found a pristine environment at the ASU Campus, away from the polluted smog of the city’

Shiv Shankar Shukla, father of B.Com student Abhishek Shukla, says he is glad about the faculty and facilities at the university



Shiv Shankar Shukla is Sub-Inspector with the CRPF currently posted in Srinagar. He is the father of Abhishek Shukla, first year B.Com ACCA student at ASU, School of Management Sciences. In an exclusive interview, he shares his reasons for choosing ASU, his son’s progress and his perception about the online classes. Edited excerpts:
Why did you choose Apeejay Stya University over other universities for your child’s admission?
I myself went to Apeejay Stya University to see the campus for myself. I checked the hostel, library, mess and classrooms. I even spoke to Professor Sunil in the faculty. I liked the environment of the university the most. It offered a lot of solitude and thus was a welcome change from the crowd and noise of the city. I found a pristine environment at ASU, away from the polluted smog of the city.  So, I really liked the Apeejay Stya University campus.  So, the location of the university was a prime reason and also since the university also has a good academic record.

Please tell us about Abhishek and take us through his progress at school?
 Abhishek as a boy has a very simple nature. He likes to play badminton and cricket. He is a batsman as well as a medium pacer. He has played  at the state and district level and represented Madhya Pradesh in cricket. He has also played cricket in university. He always wanted to go in the business side or share market in his career therefore he opted to do B. Com ACCA. He loves to travel as young boys of his age do (laughs). He loves to drive his car. He is performing very well so far in academics. He has scored above 65% in his first semester.

Are the teachers engaging well with the students?
When I was at Srinagar for duty, I spoke at regular intervals with his teachers regarding his progress. I spoke to Prof Sunil. He told me that Abhishek is performing well in academics and is studying dedicatedly. Abhishek also tells me that all the teachers are teaching well.

What is the best thing about ASU?
Since I went to see the campus myself, I liked the classrooms a lot. I also like the nature and behaviour of the professors and the non-teaching staff there.

What is your perception about the online classes?
Initially the school had both online and physical classes. So I pushed Abhishek to attend the physical classes. As soon as the hostels were opened, I sent him to the campus immediately. So he has attended the maximum of his classes physically on campus. In the offline classes, he was studying well and the classes were also happening regularly. But I would prefer physical classes for him when it comes to education.

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