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How to encourage playful learning for toddlers at home?

Apeejay Rhythms Kinderwold, GK-II, Headmistress, Komal Nathani shares handy tips to introduce sensory-based activities for children



‘Imagination is the beginning of creation’ goes a popular saying and there is no better activity for children other than sensory play. A kind of play that encourages children to learn through exploration, curiosity, problem-solving and creativity, the technique can help young parents stimulate nerve connections in their toddlers’ brain and encourage the development of their language and motor skills.

“Performing drama and role play activities is a core component of sensory play, and the same has long been appreciated and recognised by paediatrics and child psychologists worldwide. Through drama, children learn to exchange thoughts, ideas, negotiate and assign and recognise duties, tasks, and roles,” says Ms. Komal Nathani, Headmistress, Apeejay Rhythms Kinderworld, GK-II. Children can then blend their skills and knowledge to perform advanced thinking strategies that cultivate their social, emotional intelligence by performing different sensory-based activities. Therefore, if you are a young parent wanting to engage your tiny-tot at home, here are some ideas, suggests Ms. Nathani:

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