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How a 21-day writing challenge turned this teenager into a published author!

Anjali Chhabra, class 12 student at Apeejay School, Saket, strives to express the various facets of human emotions in her book, ‘Walked A Mile’



An avid reader, Anjali Chhabra is currently pursuing the Commerce stream at Apeejay School, Saket. Inspired by the greats such as Robert Frost and John Keats, she says that ‘writing is like a routine for me.’ Recently, the student author participated in a competition that led to writing one poem for 21 days each. Her book, ‘Walked A Mile’ is this collection which promises a memorable voyage of unexplored emotions. Read on:

Can you tell us more about ‘Walked a Mile’?

The idea for the book had been in my mind for some time. Seeing books of different authors, I used to feel that I should have one in my name too. So, I wanted to write something that captures our daily emotions: all the good, bad and ugly. The collection displays the imperfections and flaws that we experience and gives readers the real-story.  

Is it personal or inspirational writing?

The collection does have glimpses of my personal experiences. Much of it is also inspired from life.

Your favourite genres?

Just like any other teenager, I started reading mystery, fiction and young-adult novels at class 7. Later on, I developed a keen interest in classics such as those on Greek and Hindu mythology.

How do you manage academics and your love for writing?

Writing comes naturally to me. It is like a daily routine. When inspiration strikes, I can complete something in either 30 minutes or it can take days. The reading part does get affected due to academics sometimes because I tend to lose myself in the world of books. I can’t stop just after reading 2-3 chapters.

What would be up next for you?

I would like to explore writing fiction and short stories as part of my next project.

How has the school helped you in your writing endeavours?

My English teachers at Apeejay School, Saket have encouraged me a lot. From them, I have received crucial feedback on my writing and they have prepared me for several writing-related competitions.

Your advice for someone wanting to start at writing?

Before starting to write, one must read. It is from there one gets the know-how on how to frame your sentences, go about the story, and weave the plot. If they are able to understand that, writing will flow naturally. Also, one must try to read different kinds of writing such as essays, poetry, articles etc.  

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