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Food management: A step towards a responsible society

Apeejay School International recently organised an insightful session with Chef Rajeev Bansal on food management in which students learnt about industry standards of food safety



Chef Rajeev Bansal

“Don’t waste food. Someone is sleeping empty stomach”
—Syed Omer

Food shortage and the nutrition crisis is a reality of developing nations such as India .Yet it is very ironic to observe the colossal amount of food wasted during any public ceremony in India, especially in marriage parties. To sensitise students towards preserving food, Apeejay School International, South Delhi, recently observed ‘the International day of awareness of food loss and waste’. On the occasion, an insightful session on the subject was conducted with Taj SATS Group culinary development department chef Rajiv Bansal.

Chef Bansal took students through various aspects of food management ranging from conservation of marine life, to quantifying the amount of food for healthy consumption. Chef Bansal highlighted the committed approach of the Taj SATS Group for delivering innovative food solutions. He mentioned to the students that the group takes food safety, reliability and consistency as crucial parameters of service in the industry.

Speaking to the students about his journey to become a professional chef, Chef Bansal got nostalgic about his childhood experiences. He mentioned to the students that his culinary skills were honed by observing his mother and grandmother. He also spoke to students about the standards of In-flight catering, the high standards of food safety and the exceptional standards of services for air travellers.

“Life centres or revolves around food consumption. It is time to make a conscious effort towards food distribution. A system of managing food wastage and loss should be each country’s prime focus. We at ASI thrive to nurture responsible and accountable individuals who reflect on every action taken by them. This programme is an effort in the same direction.”

-Purshottam Dutt Vashist, Principal, Apeejay School International, South Delhi

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