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‘Equate learnings with real life and you will go far’

The alumnus of Apeejay School, Saket attributes that this school has helped him gain confidence



At present, he is working at HCL Technologies in the Cybersecurity sales and pre-sales marketing division as a Deputy Manager. Due to his schooling at Apeejay School, Saket he has become a trusted face for his company. Meet Pulkit Malik, who pursued his Engineering post his schooling. Before pursuing his post-graduation — MBA from the Fore School of Management, Delhi — he worked for a year to gain experience.

In a candid interview, Malik speaks about technology and its nature as an ever-growing phenomenon.

Tell us about yourself.

I have been working with HCL Technologies for the last five years. I am extremely social and have a good hold on communication skills. I have built a strong network over the years. Working for this long, I have understood not just how to face people but also how to tackle customers according to their needs and preferences. I aim to work super diligently and make a mark of innovation in the IT sector.

Is this your desired profession?

During my school years, my passion for technology was a constant driving force. Having a science background, I made Computer Science my primary focus, eventually graduating in engineering. My innate curiosity into the business world with a fusion of technology, led me to take the CAT exam, which I successfully cleared, opening doors to an MBA at the prestigious Fore School of Management in Delhi. I consider myself fortunate to have acquired skills that have shaped me.

Share some fond memories you had while studying at this school.

It’s difficult to recall any specific memory at the moment but I can reminisce the times when I was actively involved in the annual day and other functions held at the school. It was a really fun time at school.

What do you think is the biggest challenge?

Technology is evolving at fast-paced. Most of the technological advancements have been commendable and have benefitted a lot of people. The challenge that will remain persistent and continue is that the person will have to keep absorbing the evolvement of the technology. Every five-10 years, there will be a new technology which you have to learn.

Name the current technologies you have been using.

There is no specific technology that needs to be used daily in my field of work. Nevertheless, there are common technologies that I have my hands on like basic AI, cybersecurity techs, multi-factor authentication technologies, biometrics, face recognition, and more. At the backend, technologies such as employee access rights, cloud governance, and managing admin access rights can be used.

Any advice to present Apeejayites.

First, never stop learning. Just because you have completed your graduation or studies, it doesn’t mean you should stop learning. Understanding something to its depth is very important. Second, learn soft skills. These can do wonders irrespective of whatever field you choose. Tech skills are one thing while soft skills override the tech part.

Abhilasha Munjal is a Senior Correspondent with Apeejay Newsroom. She has completed her Bachelor's degree in English from Delhi University. Abhilasha holds vivid knowledge about content and has predominantly covered local as well as trending stories in the digital media.

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