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Education Ministry calls meet; aimed at unifying 60 school boards



A workshop was conducted by the Ministry of Education in New Delhi recently, with the primary objective of establishing agreement among the 60 school examination boards functioning in various States and union territories. The workshop focused on analysing school assessments, examination practices, and ensuring consistency and equivalence of these boards nationwide.

A crucial element of this initiative is the establishment of PARAKH, also known as the National Assessment Centre, which operates as an organisation under the National Council of Educational Research and Training. The primary goal of PARAKH is to facilitate the harmonisation of school boards by providing a common platform.

“As an initial measure, a workshop focused on PARAKH will serve as a unified platform for engaging with all relevant stakeholders, aiming to develop a comprehensive approach that ensures an impartial assessment system promoting fairness in student performance and equivalence in assessments,” stated an official from the Ministry of Education.