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Don’t be afraid to be alone



By Garima Bhatoye

Loneliness sometimes makes you feel unhappy due to social isolation. However, people often confuse being ‘alone’ and ‘lonely’. Loneliness is felt when a person realises the need to connect with others.

But, being alone sometimes becomes necessary for us to realise our true potential. I feel that being alone is power. It does not mean that one should shun away their family, friends or relatives. But, it simply ascribes to the reduction of dependency on others.

If an individual has learnt to be alone, survive and battle situations by oneself, I think he/she has truly evolved. In doing so, people have recognised their abilities, short-comings and still attempted to deal with problems. It’s extremely important to do so as it shapes one’s attitude towards life.

To conclude, I would say, ‘The Sun is alone, but it still shines more than the moon and stars.’ So, don’t be afraid to be ‘left alone’. Rather, make individuality, self-reliance and independence your power.