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Do not panic, perceive exams like festivals PM Modi tells students



Prime Minister Narendra Modi has urged students not to panic and said that the exams should be treated as a festival. During the fifth edition of the ‘Pariksha Pe Charcha’, PM Modi interacted with students who are set to appear for Board exams. The PM also advised the parents and teachers to not force their unfulfilled dreams and aspirations upon children. “You are not giving exams for the first time. In a way, you are exam-proof. Thus, do not be stressed. Remember, you have overcome such exams before,” PM Modi said at the event in New Delhi on Friday. Urging students to stay away from an environment of panic, he advised students to appear for examinations with full self-confidence. “I want students to stay away from an environment of panic during exams. No need to copy friends, just keep doing whatever you do with full confidence and I believe all of you will be able to give your exam in a festive mood, without any stress,” the PM added.

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