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CBSE To Declare Class 10 Board Results By July 20



Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) announced that results for 2021 class 10 board examinations will be declared by July 20. CBSE has already announced the assessment scheme for class 10 students.  “The students will be assessed out of maximum 100 marks for each subject. As per the policy of the Board, 20 marks are for Internal Assessment and 80 marks are for Year-end Board Examinations,” read an official notification of the CBSE.  

“As per the information collected from the schools through Regional Offices of CBSE, schools have conducted different types and number of tests/exams. Broadly, the following exams/tests are common and will be used for school based assessment and the weightage in terms of maximum marks for schools who have conducted the above tests/exams is given below:

(a) Periodic Test/ Unit Test – 10 Marks                            

(b) Half Yearly/Mid-Term Examinations – 30 Marks

(c) Pre-Board Examinations – 40 Marks               

In  case  schools  have  conducted  more  than  one    test/exam  within  each category,  the Result Committee may fix the weightage  to be  given to each test/exam within the category subject to the overall maximum   Marks for that category. For example,  if a school has conducted two or three pre board exams    it  may   decide   to  take   an  average  of  the  three   exams,   take   the   best performance  in  the  three  tests  or  give  a  weightage   to  each  exam  as considered suitable.”