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CBSE Class 12 Re-evaluation Results 2024: From 96.4% to 97.4%

This student of Apeejay School, Panchsheel Park says, “Consistent practice and addressing doubts promptly were key strategies”



The recent CBSE re-evaluation results brought delightful news to Apeejay School, Panchsheel Park. Gunika Mehta’s rise from 96.4% to 97.4% created a buzz. Her perseverance and hard work paid off, securing her the second top rank. In an exclusive telephonic conversation, Apeejay Newsroom delves into Gunika’s journey, her strategies, and her advice for fellow students.

Read edited excerpts:

Congratulations on your outstanding result, Gunika! How did you feel when you saw your updated marks?
Thank you! I was incredibly grateful to my parents and my teachers. Their belief in me was the guiding factor. I was really happy because I knew I had worked hard throughout the year, and their support was unwavering. Initially, my percentage was 96.4, but after re-evaluation, it rose to 97.4, especially with an increase in my English marks.

What motivated you to apply for re-evaluation, particularly in English?
When I first saw my results, I was thrilled, especially since I scored 100 in two subjects. However, my mother noticed the English marks and suggested that we should consider re-evaluation. I knew I had worked hard and deserved more, so I discussed it with my teacher, who encouraged me to go for it. The re-evaluation process was smooth, thanks to my mother handling the formalities.

How did you prepare for your board exams?
I focused on staying current with the class topics and revising multiple times. Practising mock papers was crucial as it highlighted areas needing improvement. For humanities subjects, presentation matters a lot, so I practised writing answers. Maths was tough for me, but continuous practice and clearing doubts with teachers helped immensely. The school provided excellent resources like notes and question banks, which were very helpful.

Can you share some tips for managing exam stress and preparation?
It’s important not to let pressure overwhelm you. The Pomodoro technique, which involves studying for 45 minutes followed by a 15-minute break, was particularly effective for me. Staying calm, taking breaks, and spending time with family helped manage stress. For humanities, NCERT books are invaluable, and for additional practice, previous years’ papers are great.

What challenges did you face during your preparation, and how did you overcome them?
My pre-board marks in Maths and Economics were disappointing, which was a wake-up call. I focused on these weak areas, practised extensively, and sought help from my teachers. Their guidance was instrumental in overcoming these challenges. Consistent practice and addressing doubts promptly were key strategies.

What are your future academic plans?
I plan to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. I’ve been fascinated by human behaviour since the 10th grade and want to help people, inspired by personal experiences and family. I’ve appeared for CUET and am awaiting the results. My top preferences include Lady Shri Ram College, Jesus & Mary College, and Gargi College, among others.

Any advice for future board exam students?
Start preparing notes from the mid-term exams; they are invaluable for revision. Focus from January to April as it’s the most crucial period. Use pre-board materials for board exam preparation. Stay calm, don’t succumb to pressure, and keep practising. Your hard work will pay off in the end.

How did your school support you in your journey?
The teachers were incredibly supportive and motivating. They provided ample resources and ensured that the pressure didn’t affect our preparation. Their encouragement and the study materials they provided were crucial to my success. I’m also grateful for my supportive friends and the memorable experiences at school.

Any particular teacher who inspired you?
Yes, my new Psychology teacher in the 12th grade was very inspiring. Her teaching reignited my interest in the subject, and her advice and motivation were pivotal in my journey.

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