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Attractions of Punjab 



By Riya Bhagat

“Culture is the widening of the mind and the spirit.”

Punjab is the land of five rivers. Its culture is one of the oldest and the richest in India. It includes its vibrant dances, folk songs, poetry, paintings, architecture, traditions, values, cuisine, folk games, and many elements of culture. The symbolic “Phulkari” embroidery is an all-time favourite of not only Punjabis but is also demanded by people from outside Punjab. Among many folk dances of Punjab, “Giddha” and “Bhangra” are the most famous.

The state is the location of one of the world’s first and oldest civilizations – The Indus Valley civilization. Above all, the warmth and hospitality of the people are the main attractions in this region. Punjab has many things to offer an enthusiast, who wants to explore the state. Some of the main cities in Punjab are Amritsar, Jalandhar, Ludhiana and Patiala. And it has a vast public transportation network, which provides excellent tourist transportation.

This north Indian state is a perfect destination for pilgrims in the country. The world’s largest Gurudwara – the Golden Temple – is here which attracts millions of devotees from across the world to see its inimitable architecture. Apart from Gurudwaras, the land is also stubbed with historical monuments, temples, churches, mosques and a number of other holy shrines that remain unexplored.

The fast beats and the peppy music makes everyone dance to its tunes. Punjabis are fun loving, emotional and very religious people. They celebrate their festivals and traditions with a lot of spirit. A Punjabi wedding, with all its traditional ceremonies, dresses, jewellery, food and fun represents the culture of Punjab. Lohri, Maghi, Diwali, Dussehra, Baisakhi and Teej are popular festivals, to name a few. 

Well, one can’t miss out on the food that is a major part of these celebrations. Punjabis love eating. The cuisines consist of many mouthwatering dishes but your meal would be incomplete without `Makki di Roti’ and `Sarson Da Saag’. Another important thing to do when in Amritsar is to grab a bite of Amritsari naan and papads.  Do taste lassi, the staple drink of Punjab – prepared from thick curd, it comes in both sweet and salty flavours and make sure you have it chilled.

Amritsar, Bathinda, Patiala, Mohali, Ludhiana and Chandigarh, its capital, are the most important cities of Punjab, the hub of culture and fun. Well, experience the typical Punjabi Khatirdari (Hospitality) at the Heritage Village located in the outskirts of Jalandhar.

It will always be a unique travel experience even if you visit during different parts of the year. Like in the spring season, trekking through the rural landscape would be a delight. If you happen to visit in winters, don’t leave without participating in Lohri celebrations.

Punjab is a perfect treat that you can give yourself from your busy schedule of daily routine. The state comes with so many perks and tourists can have the best vacation! 

In fact, it’s famously said that,” Punjab is the sword arm and food bowl of India”.