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‘Apeejay unearths the hidden talent in your children’  

Dimple Arora, mother of Janvi, who is pursuing BCA from Apeejay College of Fine Arts (ACFA) Jalandhar, credits the teachers for encouraging students to freely express themselves



Dimple with her husband Anil Arora and daughter Janvi Arora

Dimple is a homemaker while her spouse Anil Arora works in West Africa for a private firm. Their daughter, Janvi Arora, is a final year BCA (Bachelor of Computer Applications) student from ACFA. In an informal chat, she explains how ACFA aided the holistic development of her daughter. Edited excerpts:

Why did Janvi pick Apeejay for higher education?

Janvi is an alumnus of Apeejay School, Mahavir Marg. The school played a pivotal role in enhancing her personality and developing character. Janvi was in a different school till class 10, but we decided to shift her to Apeejay because of the deteriorating quality of education at her school. We are delighted that we made the right decision. Apeejay gives a plethora of opportunities for students to flourish in all aspects of learning, be it academics or extracurricular. The USP of the school is that it finds out the areas of interest and hidden talents in your children to further assist them in reaching their full potential. As a result, Janvi took to the new school like a duck to water. We were so impressed with the school that it was natural for us to go with ACFA for her higher studies. Also, ACFA is a well-known college and is known for imparting quality education.  

Janvi is about to complete her BCA. How has been the journey till now?

It has been fantastic. She has excelled academically and her confidence has soared to new heights. I would especially like to thank Mr. Jagmohan Mago, Assistant Professor, ACFA, who helped Janvi pick the right course at the time of admission. At ACFA, her self-esteem and confidence has grown by leaps and bounds. The faculty has given her all the freedom and encouragement to express herself in every domain.  As a result, she is now the Head Girl of the college.  In fact, students of ACFA share an excellent rapport with their teachers and this helps them to freely express themselves.  Janvi is good at painting and dancing and academically too she is doing great. She scored 90 percent in the 2nd year of BCA and she is expected to do well in the final year as well. Teachers of ACFA are so good that Janvi has never felt the need for tuition classes.

What’s the importance of healthy self-confidence in students?

Increased self-confidence builds resilience. It allows students to handle setbacks with ease. They don’t get bogged down by failures which is key to success. A confident student will enjoy social interactions more because he/she will be less self-conscious in social situations.  The importance of self-confidence should not be underrated, as it has been strongly linked to happiness through multiple studies.

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