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‘Apeejay prepares students for the real world’

Rashi Suri, a Monitoring Analyst with Kotak Mahindra Bank and mother of Apeejay Saket students Anushka and Darsh, says the school ensures all-round development of children.



Rashi Suri with her children Anushka and Darsh

As a Monitoring Analyst, Rashi’s primary job is to analyse transactions across a variety of payment types to look for signs of financial crime. She is a single parent with two bright kids, Anushka Suri and Darsh Suri, who are studying in classes 9 and 5, respectively. In an interview, Rashi explains in detail the progress made by her children since joining the school. Edited excerpts:

What made you pick Apeejay?

I had to shift from North Delhi to South Delhi due to work. It was natural for me to pick Apeejay as it’s among the top schools in the area. Also, one of my cousin’s children is studying in Apeejay, Pitampura so I am aware of the group’s ethos and its commitment towards delivering quality education. A lot of students from my locality who are also enrolled in Apeejay gave positive feedback on school. Taking all the factors into consideration I applied for the admission and I am glad that both my children got enrolled in the same school. Anushka joined the school in class 6 while Darsh got admitted in class 2.

How has been the progress of your kids since joining the school?

The USP of Apeejay is that it’s not just fixated on good academic results but on the holistic development of children to prepare them for the real world. As a result, Apeejay has groomed my kids in all aspects of learning. As a parent when you move your kids to a new school, you are a bit apprehensive as to whether the school will do justice to the potential of your children. However, Apeejay dispelled all my doubts. Talking about Anushka, she has been giving ample opportunities to excel in extracurricular activities. This year she was given ‘Dr. Stya Paul Award For Human Values’ which is awarded to students who exhibit a deep sense of human values and high level of integrity in his/her behaviour and conduct. She has also received ‘scholar badges’ for her scholastic performance. Anushka is also good at Oil Pastel Painting. In fact, she has done a two-year diploma course in Oil Pastel Painting from Pracheen Kala Kendra, Chandigarh. At the time of enrolment, I was doubtful whether or not Apeejay would offer her exposure in Oil Pastel Painting. However, under the guidance of her Art teacher, Maharan Sir, Anushka got fresh insight into Pastel paintings. Darsh too has made commendable progress in all domains, including sports. Apeejya is not a school, it’s an extension of my family.

You talked about preparing children to face the real world. Why is it important?

Parents don’t want their children to be bookworms. They should be prepared to lead productive lives once they enter into the realm of adulthood. That’s why it’s important to teach real-life skills to students. Few examples of real-life skills are creative thinking, solid communication skills, problem-solving skills, ability to make right decisions under pressure, leadership acumen among others.

How good are the teachers?

They always give more than 100 per cent. During the pandemic, they were available round the clock to dispel the doubts of students. Due to their concerted efforts students have not experienced learning loss.  

Share with us your memorable moments.

During the Annual Day, a couple of years’ back, both my children were awarded on stage for their strong academic and overall performance. It was a proud moment for me.

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