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Apeejay Institute of Mass Communication students get placed in leading PR firm

The chosen seven AIMC achievers share tips on how to ace campus placements



Seven students of Corporate Communication and Event Management programme from Apeejay Institute of Mass Communication have been placed with Adfactors, India’s largest public relations (PR) firm.  The super seven achievers have been hired at the post of trainee Account Executive.  Upon being asked about how to ace campus placements, the chosen few students shared important tips that helped them get through this job interview.

Two things that Ishika Bhog focused on to crack this interview were: First, before going for the interview, it’s important to research about the company. I made a few talking points as to what I am going to talk about. I added the most relevant skills into my resume that helped me demonstrate my areas of interest. Second, confidence plays a key role during an interview process. When you talk confidently with the interviewer, it makes a good impression. When you don’t know the answer to an interview question, be honest and admit your lack of familiarity.”

Another achiever, Ananya Bhanja Deo emphasised,  “It’s important to watch news daily to develop awareness about what’s happening around the world. Keep yourself updated about those major global events that are impacting India’s economy. One question you might be asked during a job interview is, “Talk about some major facts or any interesting development taking place in your state?” Since I am from Odisha, I was asked what kind of news people consume in the state. If people like to read newspapers or consumer news online. So, I would say focus on general knowledge and current affairs in addition to having an understanding about the role and company.”

For Isha Juneja, she said a resume is an important tool for your job. “It’s the first piece of information a potential employer has about you. So, it’s wise to be honest and accurate as to what you are mentioning in your resume. One more important aspect to an interview is to have clarity of thought. Be very clear as to why you have applied for this position, why you want to pursue this career or where do you see yourself in the next few years. What the interviewer wants to get a hold of is how much thought and effort the candidate  has put into his/her career goals.”

Ananya Ranjan, a batchmate of Isha shared a similar opinion. Ananya said, “I think what helped me crack this interview is having a strong knowledge about what I want to do. Say, if I want to get into lifestyle PR, I need to be aware of every brand along with the trends in the sector. Which lifestyle clients the company is working with and how are they creating campaigns. Reading about different brands helps me to know about the new developments. In addition, knowing about interviewers is also important. I had read about them – what kind of work they have done; what kind of storytelling they do through PR. Also, articulation plays a key role in an interview. Hence, developing strong speaking skills can help you appear more competent.” 

Manisha Haldar, who always aspired to be a part of the PR world said mock interviews have helped her to stand out in this job interview. “These interviews help candidates to learn how to answer difficult questions, develop interview strategies, improve communication skills, and reduce stress before an actual job interview. Knowledge about different trending topics like fintech, cryptocurrency and more comes in handy. It’s because during the interview process, we were asked questions on current affairs. I was asked questions on fintech. Moreover, I feel that all what we learnt in our PR classes and mock interviews shaped us to crack this interview.”

Further Afreen Choudhury said she has worked really hard for this interview. “I used to read various articles on potential interview questions that can be asked and accordingly prepared myself. Mock interviews have proved to be really helpful. Besides, I also watched a lot of job interview videos on YouTube. Pay attention to details during the interview process, what is being asked and how you are answering the question. Be positive and keep calm. Put your best foot forward so that you are seen as an ideal candidate.” She also says that one should always have the zeal to learn something new about life at every turn. 

Finally, Shradha Das Mahapatra stressed on the importance of body language during an interview. She said, “Appearance creates the first impression during an interview. So your body language and the way you present yourself really matters. Have and maintain passive eye contact with the interviewer. How well we are presenting ourselves through our communication. Occasionally use hand gestures to express yourself and sit straight while you are talking.”

Harshita is Assistant Editor at Apeejay newsroom. With experience in both the Media and Public Relations (PR) world, she has worked with Careers360, India Today and Value360 Communications. A learner by nature, she is a foodie, traveller and believes in having a healthy work-life balance.

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