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An accident that could have been avoided



By Dhairya Kapur

A speeding truck mounted on a 21-year-old MBBS student’s foot near Jhasra village in Gurugram. The young girl, pursuing MBBS, was sitting behind her friend on a white Activa, when a speeding truck hit them and the girl’s foot got severely injured. She was immediately taken to the nearest hospital. 

As a result, exasperated villagers blocked the roads, which led to heavy traffic congestion and diversion of routes. Subsequently, a person was arrested for allegedly pelting stones on the police.

According to a local resident, accidents are occurring everyday these days. He says, “The cause of this mishap is removal of speed breakers from this accident prone road for which the authorities are taking no measures. This was a systematic failure.”

At that point of time, there was just one thought in my mind: how nugatory is human life in India? There can be plethora of solutions to this problem like driving under speed limit or on appropriate lane, overtake

from the right side, wear a helmet, and follow traffic rules. Most importantly, don’t use mobile phones while driving – it makes you distracted. Stay aware and conscious of your surroundings. If you are feeling drowsy then take a break! Splash some water on your face and when you are ready – start driving. And if you cannot drive at night, please don’t!

Life is precious because it was given to us as a gift!