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AI-powered tool enhances roster system to alleviate pilot fatigue



Air India, under the ownership of the Tata Group, has implemented a new tool within its rostering system. This development aims to ease pilot fatigue and includes additional measures to ensure roster stability and reduce disruptions. These steps are particularly timely, given the growing concerns in some quarters regarding pilot fatigue management, especially in light of increased air traffic and flight operations.

Air India’s CEO Campbell Wilson announced the introduction of a series of innovative measures. These initiatives are designed to enhance the reliability of printed rosters and minimise any disruptions, optimise the use of standby blocks, and establish streamlined communication channels.

Emphasising the commitment to safety protocols across all aspects of the airline’s operations, Wilson stated, “We recently rolled out Coruson, followed by the integration of the Boeing Alertness Model (BAM) 3, a fatigue-mitigating tool in our Jeppesen rostering system. This integration aims to prevent the publication of fatiguing rosters and pairings.”

Air India is also set to unveil two cutting-edge digital solutions: The Pilot Sector Report (PSR) app and DocuNet.

“These tools are poised to transform our flight operations and elevate pilot contentment through enhanced safety, efficiency, and adherence to regulations. The PSR app streamlines post-flight reporting, while DocuNet facilitates the effortless dissemination of documents, guaranteeing the availability of current and synchronised information. Both tools are intuitively designed and seamlessly integrate with our current systems,” stated Wilson.