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‘Academics, sports and music, Apeejay’s IB school aces it all’

Manisha Koushik, an astrologer, opines that the school is focussing on the overall development of her son



Mother of Nishchay, a Primary-Years-Programme 4 student at Apeejay School International, South Delhi, Ms. Manisha Koushik, is mighty impressed with the institution. In the following interview, she shares more. Read on, edited excerpts.

Please tell us about your son.

Nischay commenced pre-schooling in Bangalore, after which, we moved to Delhi. A year ago, we became aware of Apeejay School International, South Delhi and decided to enroll him there.

My son is a good orator and is sporty. In the school, he has started learning football formally and is picking up some musical instruments as well. He is happily learning and doing well.

What were the parameters while shortlisting Apeejay?

So, we had been on the lookout for an IB school for Nischay. We researched in the national capital for such institutions. As we stumbled upon Apeejay and met Ms. Aabhini Singh, an admissions coordinator in the school, in about a week’s time, we were convinced that this is the right place for Nischay. Further, I would like to mention that Ms. Singh did a great job in clearing our doubts and making us understand about its unique curriculum.

The best part? My son is getting personal attention in school. For instance, once I noticed that Nischay was discussing the digestive system with some of his friends from other schools. I observed that only he had the whole process clear in his mind while others began to relay its definition. His concepts were clear and that’s exactly what our aim was while choosing Apeejay!

Do tell us about Nischay’s developmental milestones.

He has begun to do the homework on his own. He comes home each day and discusses what he learnt. I feel that through him, we are re-learning our concepts.

An interesting anecdote about your son?

There is a unit of Enquiry in the curriculum wherein Nischay was once given a situation. The question was: In case a friend of yours falls down and everyone is laughing, what will you do?

To this, he had the thought that he would ensure that his friend was okay. And then, he would try if he can make him/her laugh. This made me feel that the school is going in the right direction in trying to inculcate moral and humanitarian values in him.   

Would you recommend the school to fellow parents?

Yes, definitely. It is my son’s second family. I am very happy with Apeejay and so, I would suggest that other parents must be open to exploring it. Nischay has developed good bonds in the school in a very short period of time. Also, the faculty is putting in great efforts to make him learn with a lot of warmth.  

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