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Ideas meet content: Upholding academic integrity in the digital age

Apeejay International imparts scholarly ethics in an online workshop



A true scholar remains forever curious to learn new things. To further this spirit of academic learning, Apeejay School, International, South Delhi recently conducted an online workshop on ‘Academic Integrity in the Digital Age’ for students enrolled in the Diploma Programme as well as their parents.

Endeavouring to inculcate the best online knowledge gathering practices among students through the workshop, the school aimed at promoting originality of ideas. 

Students were tutored to prepare their own recipe for putting together scholarly articles and research work in a fair, transparent and timely manner. 

They were taught to act in a responsible way in action and choice. Plus, engage in ethical decision- making while delivering submissions online.  

At the workshop, parents were further notified about the value of academic integrity through interactive online quizzes. The session concluded with the submission of a feedback form where all participants reflected upon their research experience online.

The school is focused on developing a balanced culture among the school community (inclusive of administrators, facilitators, students and parents) to collaborate rigorously on a regular basis to make students life-long learners.

“Academic integrity is an essential principle of IB programmes. At Apeejay School International, we consider it to be a vital component of a holistic learning process that prepares young learners for the challenges of the future.”

-Mr. Purshottam Dutt Vashisht, Principal, Apeejay School International – South Delhi 

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