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‘A woman’: Poem by Dhruvika Jain, Apeejay School, Mahavir Marg



She is the one who fought the system with a head
But why she is still considered less
She is the one, who is said to keep her voice low
Though, she is the one who gave the voice to a man
She is a bird; she has wings to fly
There are skies, yet to conquer for her
But why this society always tries to put her into a cage
Where she has to take care of her children, just for the sake
A woman is a “NARI” who possessed strong power
She has an aura of Shakti around her
Which helps her to fight her adversities of life?
So, let us take a step to make her feel secure
Because she is the one who gave us birth

Poem by: Dhruvika Jain

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