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A tribute to an icon and a karmayogi

Apeejay Svran Global School celebrated Founder’s Day on October 4 as students sang bhajans and recited some of Dr Stya Paul’s favourite quotes on the occasion



October 4 is a very important day in the Apeejay schools calendar. It marks the birth anniversary of Apeejay Education Society’s founder chairman, Dr Stya Paul. His vision of value-based holistic education has guided the Apeejay Education Society for decades.

Apeejay Svran Global School, Faridabad was filled with an atmosphere of joy as it celebrated the 102nd birth anniversary of Dr Stya Paul on October 4. Head Boy Ayush Sharma along with the Sports Captain, Manraj Singh lighted the lamp and paid homage to the founder-chairman.  It was followed by floral offerings by school teachers.

Kindergarten students recited some of Dr Stya Paul’s favourite quotes. Vihaan Bhatt, for instance, recited the quote: ‘The princes amongst men are those who forget themselves and serve mankind’. Samarth Singh recited: ‘Compromise makes a good umbrella but a poor roof’ and Saatvik Pruthi recited the quote: ‘Difficulties will come, but they do not last forever. You will see that they pass away like water under a bridge’.

The special assembly began with the soulful bhajan ‘Manavta ke man mandir mein gyan ka deep jalayein’ sung by Dayita Parashar of class Nursery. Iconic songs ‘Vishvapati ke dhyan mein’ and ‘Hum Apeejay ke bacche mil pyaar ki jyot jalayenge’ were sung by class 6 students Saanvi Gupta and Manthan Taneja respectively. The students of Grades 1 and 2 presented a lively dance performance on the songs ‘Dil hai chhota sa’ and ‘Main parinda toh nahin’. Anjani, a student of class 12, delivered a wonderful speech on the relevance and importance of the school motto ‘Soaring high is our nature’ in the lives of students. Aditi Jain narrated the celebrated short story ‘The Three Questions’ by Leo Tolstoy. A special video about Dr Paul’s life, struggles and countless achievements was also shown to students in every class.

Principal, Ms. Deepika Arora, addressed the students by highlighting the resilient spirit, visionary mind and selfless personality of Dr. Stya Paul. She urged students to strengthen themselves with discipline, hard work and philanthropy; the essential attributes of a leader.

Thereafter, the Dr. Stya Paul Awards for Human Values, for  the academic year 2021-22 were presented to the respective students. Vikrant Singh of class 6, Jia Narang of class 7, Shriram Sharma of class 9, Daksh Kaushik of class 9 and Twishi Vasudeva of class 11 bagged the awards for their humanitarian services.

A message by the President, Apeejay Education Society, Mrs. Sushma Paul Berlia was read out to the students on this blessed occasion.

“Celebrating Dr Paul’s birthday is our way of paying tribute to his determination, hard work and spirit of excellence that helped him rise from humble beginnings and overcome physical disabilities to become one of the most successful and respected men of this Nation.

Three inspirational words that were said to him by a Swami from Ramakrishna Mission: ‘Be a man’, changed the entire perspective of his life and he lived to be a ‘purushottam’.

Let us celebrate both what our Founder Chairman Dr. Stya Paul was and what he stood for. Let us take a pledge to uphold the legacy of excellence that he leaves behind and strive to achieve the goals to which he devoted his life.”

“A big salute to our revered chairman sir who was a visionary, freedom fighter, educationist, philanthropist and an eminent industrialist. He was a guiding light for whom excellence was the cornerstone!”

-Ms Deepika Arora, Principal, Apeejay Svran Global School

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