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8 reasons why Apeejay Faridabad, Sector 21-A stands out

From a child centric curriculum to nurturing international relations, Apeejay Faridabad Sector 21-A keeps a child’s holistic development as the first priority



A school is a sacred place for a child.  It is a place where the child not only grows but also knows that s/he will always have the space to learn and blossom.  Apeejay School Faridabad, Sector 21-A works towards becoming such a safe haven for a child.

So, what are those factors that make the institute stand out among others? 

1. The curriculum at the school is designed to ensure the holistic development of the students. Various methods of education such as Montessori, Kindergarten, Play-way, among others have been adopted to ensure the overall growth of the learners. The school is committed towards developing the four chief skills– Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing in the students using specialised methodologies, which enable students to effectively analyse, interpret and evaluate information. The progress of each child in all three domains (Cognitive, Affective, and Psychomotor) is evaluated continuously and comprehensively by the school authorities. The school celebrates individual uniqueness in every child and at the same time, encourages self-expression and creativity.

2. The teachers plan the academic lessons in advance and develop student centric activities. For classes 1-3, English, Hindi, Environmental Science, Maths form the core subjects and Computer, General Knowledge, Music, Dance, Art, Yoga and Physical Education become the essential support subjects. For Classes 4 and 5, Science and Social Studies are two well-defined subjects in the curriculum.

For Middle and Secondary classes, the school integrates Information Technology to nurture creative and independent thinking among the students. Also, the school annually conducts the Apeejay Talent Search Examination to scout meritorious students and provide them with financial scholarships. Remedial teaching is also provided to help students struggling in academics.

3. Computer Aided Learning is an integral part of the education process at the school. It exposes a child to the digital world at a young age as every topic is taught on, with and through computers. In today’s modern age, technology forms an integral part of the teaching-learning process that makes the lessons interesting and concepts easier to understand and remember. Internet education and evaluation through online projects are a must in the contemporary scenario. The school works through the MOODLE (Modular Object -Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment) software which enables  the parents to get all the information related to the academic, co-curricular progress, homework and assignments, just at the click of a button.

4. Apeejay Faridabad, Sector 21-A firmly believes in the idea of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam, meaning the world is one large family. The school provides a lot of exposure to the students by making them participate in programs that strengthen their international relations. Students regularly participate in the ‘Face to Faith’, i.e. the Generation Global’ program by the Tony Blair Faith Foundation. Through video conferences students interact directly with their peers around the world to have a dialogue over the issues of culture, beliefs and faiths. Students also participate in the The Global Education Leadership Foundation programmed (tGELF). Through the programme, Apeejay Schools aim to prepare young leaders by fostering a global mindset.

5. There are various inter house activities organised in the school building that aim at enhancing self-esteem, developing self-confidence and giving opportunities for leadership and teamwork to all students. Numerous cultural fests are also regularly organised in the school. From debating world issues in the Model  United Nations to planting trees around the school premises, a spirit of creativity pervades the school campus. The school believes that education lies beyond the textbooks and true learning stems from self-enquiry.

6. The school mentors the leaders of tomorrow with great fervor through the Senior and Junior Prefectorial Boards by conducting leadership camps and sessions on topics like team building, facing challenges and trust building.

7. Great emphasis is given to values-based education. The school is focused to not just nurture the IQ (Intelligence Quotient) but also the EQ (Emotional quotient) and SQ (Social quotient) of the student so that he/she grows up into a totally healthy individual. The school has also tied up with the Ramkrishna Mission and actively runs the ‘Awakened Citizen’ program. 

Every year, three students, who exhibit a deep sense of human values and a high level of integrity in their behaviour and conduct, are awarded the Dr. Stya Paul Award for Human Values. Fabulous Falcon, Star Child and many other programs are initiated by the school where students are recognised for good conduct. These programs motivate students towards self-improvement as an ongoing process.

8. All Apeejay schools have a unique venture called the Interact Club.  The club enthusiastically keeps doing its level best for the society through noble endeavours such as ‘Shramdan’ , literacy programs,  ‘blood donations, eco campaigns , tree plantations, Street plays, awareness campaigns. 

Apeejay School Faridabad, Sector 21-A leaves no stone unturned to ensure that a student steps out in the world as an asset to humanity. The school lives up to its motto of ‘soaring high’ by valuing each child and being ever involved in his/her evolution. 

Arijit Roy is a young correspondent at Apeejay Newsroom. He has done his masters in English literature from Delhi University and has a book of poems published by Writers Workshop India. He can be reached at [email protected]