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3 must follow tips to protect yourself from Coronavirus

Dr. Keshawati Goel, Apeejay School, Charkhi Dadri alumnus shares tips with students to protect themselves from the virus and also delineates her life journey to become a doctor



Dr. Keshawati Goel is an Apeejay School, Charkhi Dadri alumnus (batch of 2011). She has recently finished her MD in Pediatrics and is currently working at Ambedkar Hospital in Delhi. In an interview, Dr. Goel shares how the lack of medical facilities in her hometown inspired her to take up medicine as her career. Edited excerpts: 

How many patients do you deal with in a day?

I usually have a very hectic day at the hospital. Daily, we see around 200 patients in the OPD. We have 120 admitted patients in the hospital, so we monitor them as well. Also, we have to keep a track of the emergency department, because sometimes patients come in emergency situations at even 4 in the morning. Also, the hospital witnesses some 150+ deliveries in a day. So, a lot of work for a doctor. 

How did you find the calling to be a doctor?

I found the calling when I was in school. The teachers in my school supported me a lot. Actually, there wasn’t a proper doctor at Charkhi Dadri during my growing up years. There was an absolute dearth of medical facilities.  People would take the patient to Rohtak, Hisar or Delhi for treatment. I wanted to serve the people in Charkhi Dadri as a doctor. So, I decided to join the medicine field.

The school has played an important role in your school.  Tell us about your best memories from then?

We used to sit and study together in the Biology lab. All the 6-7 bio students discussed a lot of concepts. Also, at school we never had a fearful student-teacher relationship. I had studied in other schools as well but the bond with teachers at Apeejay School, Charkhi Dadri was unique. 

One word of advice for the current students?

For all Apeejay Charkhi Dadri students, I would just say that other schools may come out with many attractive offers, but you should stay only in Apeejay School, Charkhi Dadri. This is the best school in the area. You will get value-based education and will also get to learn so much through the extracurricular activities. It will certainly sharpen your communication skills.

Arijit Roy is a young correspondent at Apeejay Newsroom. He has done his masters in English literature from Delhi University and has a book of poems published by Writers Workshop India. He can be reached at [email protected]

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