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YouTube is like my parents, who gave me my identity: Krit Dua, a 13-year-old social media influencer



Krit Dua

A 13-year-old bright student and a self-starter, Krit Dua who studies in Class VIII at Apeejay School, Pitampura broadened his horizons beyond academics during the first COVID-19 lockdown and created a niche content platform on YouTube by the name – Krit Talks, to educate and entertain his academic and social circle.  He constantly enhanced the quality and sophistication of his videos, as a result of which, his reach grew from double digit subscribers to over a thousand subscribers in a matter of a few months. Now he has over 1.1k subscribers.


How would you describe yourself?

I am in school right now. I like to participate in a lot of inter school and national competitions related to debates, stand-up comedy, writing poems, etc. I love to entertain people.

I am a content creator on YouTube, having over 1.1k subscribers. Half-of the time, if I am free, I am glued to the computers. I do a lot of things on my computer. When I started my YouTube journey last year in May, I didn’t know how to do editing, how to make thumbnails, how to add titles, I knew nothing. But now I am a Pro. It has been well-said that experience brings a lot of new things and learnings. Initially I started editing on my mobile using various apps, but now I am using professional editing software on the laptop. So far everything is going well and I am cherishing my YouTube journey.

Have you decided what you want to become?

It is too early to decide. I might decide my career option when I am in class Xth. At this young age, I don’t think it is the right time to decide. But yes going forward, I would definitely like to take my non-convention interests, like becoming a social media influencer, forward. I have a keen interest in Science subject. Maybe I will choose my career on these lines.

Your general schedule of the day?

As my summer vacations are going on, I usually do holiday homework. Make YouTube videos and try to learn more editing skills.

How many videos do you make in a week or so?

If I am busy because of my exams, I only make one video in a week. Else I make upto seven videos in a week.

What inspires you to make such videos?

Last year, my father gave me this idea to not waste time on TV and mobile and do something creative.  He asked me to start a YouTube channel and explore.

Your journey on YouTube

It all started in May 2020. I remember that on May 15th I made my YouTube channel and on May 18, 2021, I crossed 1K subscribers. After getting a good response to the first 2-3 videos, I bought the tripod and a mike. At present, there are more than 130- videos on my YouTube channel.  My father shoots all the videos from the mobile and if I reach at least 10k subscribers I will get myself a professional camera or Go Pro. I create entertaining videos, food related videos, challenges videos. I don’t want to keep my content specific, rather I want to shoot everything that comes to my mind. I have subscribers from Pakistan, UAE, Nepal, Canada and America as well.

How do you manage creating videos while schooling?

It doesn’t matter actually. School time is only for 6 hours. It’s not 24*7. I still have 18 hours in my hand.  For a video of about 10 minutes, it takes around 1.5 hours to edit the video. Then I immediately release these videos. I make sure all my videos have animations, thumbnails, no compromise with the quality of visuals and audio.

Are you interested in taking proper classes to learn more professional software?

By now, I have used almost every editing software. I don’t want to enrol myself in any proper classes as YouTube has all the tutorials available. I have learnt from there and would continue to do so.

Have you heard about social-media ban in India?

Yes, It was very disheartening that time. When this news broke I had 800 subscribers and I was praying to God that this can’t happen to me. But later when I found out that YouTube was not on the list, I got some relief. I will continue to make videos till the time I can manage.

“Flying Beast Gaurav Taneja, is my inspiration. I inculcate the techniques he uses in his vlogs”

– krit dua

Krit Dua also inspired his fellow students to try their hand at content creation, thus imbibing in them the key attributes of entrepreneurship and ingenuity, which works hand-in-hand with the academic and practical education taught at the school. Hence, Krit Dua emerged as the true representative of the values that define Apeejay.”

Rajan and Kamya Dua (Krit’s parents)

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