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Why children throw tantrums?    

Ms Nidhi Ghai, Headmistress at Apeejay Rhythms Kinderworld, Model Town, gives parenting tips for working mothers.



Ms Nidhi Ghai, Headmistress at Apeejay Rhythms Kinderworld, Model Town

Sometimes, children feel ignored by their parents. This mostly happens in cases of working mothers, who are juggling between their office work and household chores. Thus, to get the attention of the mother, children start throwing tantrums, and feel good even if their mother scolds them. So let us see what should be done to take out the child from this mental state?

1. Parents should spend some quality time with their kids. That means, sit with your child for a good one hour and talk to them very casually about their school, friends, what they liked the most during the day and what they did not. This gesture will give them immense satisfaction.

2. Show your interest in what they are saying. The gesture will bring the child closer to you and they will start sharing every good or bad thing. This way you will get to know about your child’s day-to-day life, which is very essential to be known by a mother. But for that you will have to build the trust in the mind of your child.

Now how can it be done? When your child is telling you about his/her daily routine, there might be a possibility that he/she had made a mistake. As a mother, you should not scold the child at this time. It’s because he/she has trusted you to be his/her secret holder. Assure your child that you are not going to reveal the secrets to anyone, not even to his/her father. Also, this isn’t the right time to give advice about right or wrong. At this time, you only have to be a good listener. Your child will feel so happy and relaxed.

But then the question arises, when should we improve the mistakes of our child?

When your child is sitting with you in a very good mood that is the right time to discuss these things. But mind my words discuss; no scolding, no lecturing. DON’T ALWAYS BEHAVE LIKE A PARENT. Be a friend to your child and see the difference. Your child will start confiding in you, and that is your success as a parent.

Please Note: This article has been written by Ms. Nidhi Ghai. The views expressed in this article are that of the author only.

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