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Want to manage stress at school? Here’s how

Apeejay School, Model Town hosts a stress-management workshop to help students maintain mental and physical well-being



At a seminar conducted recently, Apeejay School, Model Town teachers and staff members addressed the concerns about increasing stress and anxiety among school students. To encourage them to lead a holistic and balanced life, the session was delivered by Dr. Deepali Gul, Associate Professor, Department of Psychiatry, Punjab Institute of Medical Sciences, Jalandhar.

She informed students about how stress can impact their ability to think clearly, function effectively, and enjoy life. She advised everyone to manage pressure by providing tips and strategies to cope with it. It was an informative event in which students, parents and teachers discussed their queries.

“Stress is certainly caused by thoughts, more than the situation. However, the crucial question is how to channel this distraught thought process? After attending such an informative session about regulating stress levels, I feel much more positive. Stress-buster techniques discussed at the workshop for both kids and parents were definitely helpful. All our queries were resolved,” says Muskan Saini, mother of Aarish, a class 5 student at the school.

“Dr. Gul made it clear that physical exercises, meditation, and seeking peer support will reduce stress in one’s life. Spending time with family members is a must and to build a strong bond with them is necessary,” says Simranjeet Kaur, mother of students, Bhavleen and Ganeev.

“At the session, I came to know about alternative strategies to deal with stress. The best was to ‘talk your stress out.’ The more you vent your emotions, the less stressed you will feel. I would like to thank my school for such a wonderful session,” says Mitesh Dutta, class 6 student.

“Dr. Gul told us that stress beyond a certain limit becomes a problem. I learnt the value of forming meaningful relationships with your near and dear ones during times of stress,” says student of class 6, Pranaya Khera.  

“Resilient people accept responsibility for their lives and their choices. They understand what has gone wrong and try to fix it. We must strive to learn this virtue.”

– Sinia Sajith, Principal, Apeejay School, Model Town, Jalandhar

Mrini Devnani is a Senior Correspondent and Marketing Coordinator at Newsroom. She covers student achievements, interviews and contributions for the website. She was a former Correspondent covering Edutech for the India Today Group, and has passion for Social Media and Digital Marketing. You can reach her at [email protected]

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