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Use science and technology wisely



By Raghav Gupta

“Science, it’s like magic but real”
                                  – Anonymous

There is no doubt that science and technology are important parts of our day to day life. Several innovations have been playing a crucial role in changing our perspective towards life. Over the years, technology has been helping us to invent as well as modernise.

Right from connecting with people to having easy-to-use daily appliances, everything is based on science and technology. Well, it has also made our lives simpler. And so, tech experts are constantly in search of new things that will be helpful in the future as well. They have expanded their wings to fields such medicine, education, manufacturing, amongst others. Moreover, they haven’t limited their approach just to the cities but also to rural areas.

Science has come a long way. It has helped persons find vaccines, portions, medicines and aids. Humans have been able to increase their life expectancy and ward off deadly diseases.

At the same time, mobile, desktop and laptop have boosted people’s connectivity with one another and this tech culture has emerged – thanks to new and new inventions. Furthermore, our mobility has increased due to effective transportation. We can reach our destinations quickly. Well, we are just not limited to the Earth. We have reached Mars! Organisations such as NASA and ISRO have succeeded in sending astronauts and technologies to explore life on other planets. And who knows we may soon be talking to the aliens!

But everything comes with its share of advantages and disadvantages. With the advancement in science and technology, humans have become lazier and this is affecting our mind and well-being. Moreover, we have misused our knowledge and skills for causing destruction and harm to other species. In my view, it’s integral for every human being to strike a balance and review the good and bad of everything.

As a country, we are certainly booming in the field of tech, be it astronomy, astrophysics, space exploration, nuclear power and more. We are innovating and progressing rapidly to improve our nation. We are creating better opportunities for our people. This road ahead is exciting, but we must ensure to cull out profitable growth from our expertise.