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These twins are rocking it at this school

The father of twins studying at Apeejay School, Faridabad, Sector 15 speaks about how his kids are enjoying learning thanks to teaching techniques



Bhawya and Jatin Sikka are enjoying their days at Apeejay School, Faridabad, Sector 15. In the early years of education, the twins are making new friendships, discovering the routine of the classroom and finding the joy of learning. 

Their father, Deepak Sikka (who is also an alumnus), is extremely happy with his children’s progress. “The school is comitted to holisitic education even now. From academics, to sports and extra-curriuclar everything is being well taken care of,” Sikka said.

In a candid interview, he talks about why he chose this Apeejay branch. 

How are both children performing at the school?

Both my children are performing well. I have noticed and am still observing lots of improvement. They are learning fast in their class and there is a positive shift in their overall development.

Any new learning methods the teachers are using in the class?

Plenty! From pictorial teaching methods to concept charts  and engaging visuals, the teachers are using a plethora of fun learning techniques to help the students grasp the concepts better. All this is helping my kids especially to learn faster and better.

Which subjects do both your children like and which one do they dislike?

They have developed a liking for all the subjects be it Hindi,  English, EVS. I don’t think at this stage they dislike any subject. They are happy to learn everything.  

Have they made friends in class?

Yes, many friends for both of them. The school has given them an opportunity to build their social life and they are making the most of it. 

 Why did you choose this school for their admission?

Well the Apeejay Education Group is a big brand in the education sector. It is one of the best places for holistic learning and its results speak for themselves.  Also, I studied in this school too, so I am well aware of its legacy of excellence. 

 What about extracurricular activities?

The school believes in overall development of the child. Whether it’s sports or extracurricular activities, the school provided a good exposure to all these fields. I am observing the same even today with my twins. 

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