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The story of Shang Chi



By Ishani Rastogi

Once upon a time in a village in China, a girl named Shang Chi was born. She did not have a right hand. The villagers always made fun of her. Whenever she went to play outside her home, children discouraged her.

She used to sit beside a silent river and cry for hours. She often thought about her mother Shuangli. Her mother died during childbirth. Her father was a fisherman but now he was old and sick. He was not able to catch as many fish as he used to.

Shang chi thought she should support her father at work. And so, she used to go with him on the boat to catch fish. Other fishermen looked at Shang Chi and remarked, “How would you catch a single fish?  You are a person with one hand!”

To this, Shang Chi replied, “It doesn’t mean that I can’t catch fish.” She caught many and sold all of them to earn the highest amount. That day, she made her father proud. Her hard work and determination helped her achieve big things as she chose to look beyond her shortcomings.