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‘The Season of Glee’: Poem by Priyanshu Dagar, Apeejay School, Saket 



I felt I could brave a storm,

But it all went in vain,

As soon as I cleared the scarlet ground,

I was baffled by the denim sky lane.

Its soothing waves glided

Through the very sensations of my structure,

But all that I experienced

Was a mesmerizing capture.

The cheery me, alarmed

By the flashes of the god;

Turned spirited to look on

The healthy, velvet road.

The autumn leaves merrily

Skated toward me;

Asking my unsettled mind

Of the fearful frisky glee.

The sky comprised,

The typical cream portrait

Embedded by raven clouds –

Showering warm flowing velvet.

The trees danced helter-skelter,

In welcome of the season.

The king freed even those

Who was charged with treason?

An adolescent smile drove

Even though the old

And there I am braving,

The storm is bold.

The stretch miles away, developed

Dreary refreshing weather.

Even those who were foe

Made friends together.

Even rivals joined hands

To share a cup of tea.

All the depressed souls

Immediately flee.

And there I am:

Overwhelmed with the sweet

And tasty emerald wind;

Standing on the cliff,

Braving the storm behind. 

Priyanshu Dagar

Class: 9-A 

Apeejay School, Saket