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The Punjab of my dreams



By Simran Bawa

Punjab is the bearer of martyrs and rearer of bread for this nation. The world looks up to Punjab for its aspirational youth and undying spirit of giving. The spirit of Punjab never settles for less and always strives to reach higher benchmarks for its accomplishments. This is what adds to the essence of this state.

In terms of its heritage, Punjab has one of the oldest and richest cultures in the country. The iconic Golden Temple in Amritsar has been recognised as the ‘most visited place of the world’ by the World Book of Records. Punjab’s diversity and uniqueness is evident in its music, poetry, philosophy, spirituality, history, traditions, architecture, education, military warfare and so on. The high spiritedness is exhibited in the lifestyle of the people of Punjab popularly known as Punjabis. 

However, it pinches me when I see how some of the historic palaces and heritage sites are losing their charm because of the worsening condition of those buildings. And this may impact tourism in this state. This is turning out to be a huge waste as we can exploit those locations and turn them into tourist hotspots.

So, rejuvenating tourism with renovation of these historic places is something that we are looking forward to. This will certainly boost tourism. In fact, the footfall of tourists not just from India but all across the world will increase. 

According to statistics, economic advancement is in direct proportion to the literacy rate of that state. Education isn’t just subjective to shaping the future of one child, but its goal is to build a healthy and happy community. Punjab has a literacy rate of 83.77 per cent after 75 years of independence. But this can reach newer heights. 

For instance, welfare schemes such as free educational institutes, mid-day meals and night schools will help students belonging to the rural regions of the state to avail education with ease. Private schools should arrange for the latest scientific and technological tools and student exchange programmes must be further encouraged. The Punjab of my dreams is futuristic and fascinating to the world.

The youth of today, strong indeed, are rusting inside by making use of intoxicants. Drugs are eating away the potential and strength of our indestructible youth with addiction. Thus, leaving behind remnants of fragile, hollow and rusty crusts. I envision a detoxified future that holds humongous opportunities for the youths of the state. The Punjab of my dreams is free of intoxicants and brings magnificent opportunities for people.

The Punjab of my dreams is prudent and pioneering. To encapsulate it in one sentence, I would say that it welcomes growth and disregards any setbacks. It knows no boundation when it comes to opportunities. The Punjab of my dreams is a state of perfect harmony with philanthropistic ideology. It is the new age utopia and I am willing to build it piece by piece. I hope you are, too?