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‘The emphasis of Apeejay is on conceptual understanding, not cramming’

Surbhi Bansal, mother of Apeejay Charkhi Dadri students Vivaan and Hiya, admire the attention given by the school on speaking skills.



Surbhi Bansal with her spouse Rahul Bansal and  kids Vivaan and Hiya

Surbhi Bansal is a homemaker while her spouse Rahul Bansal is into the business of cement, iron and steel. Their kids, Vivaan and Hiya, are studying in classes Nursery and 2, respectively of Apeejay School, Charkhi Dadri, Haryana. In a frank conversation, Surbhi shares with us her experience of being associated with Apeejay. Edited excerpts:  

What made you choose Apeejay?

I only heard good things about Apeejay, when I shifted to Charkhi Dadri after my marriage. I was told by many that Apeejay is the best school in the region as it offers a conducive environment for learning and the focus of the school was not only on academics, but on holistic development. I was also left mighty impressed when I interacted with Apeejay students because they came across as confident and well-cultured. They too gave positive feedback about the school.

Share with us the progress you have seen in your kids since enrolling them in Apeejay.

The biggest USP of Apeejay is that itsemphasis is on conceptual understanding, not on cramming. The students are taught skills and knowledge through activity-based learning which also weave social-emotional learning into their daily lessons, thus laying a foundation for these students to mature into capable adults. I also admire the attention given by Apeejay to enhance the speaking skills of students. Every child is given an opportunity to speak in the morning assembly. In our times, only a handful of students were allowed to speak. The special focus given to extracurricular activities such as card making, dancing, poem, debates, etc is also worth mentioning as we don’t want our kids to be bookworms. The thrust of Apeejay has always been to expose students to various activities so that their hidden talent gets unearthed.

Tell us about the teachers.

It’s not easy to handle children, especially the little ones. Only experienced teachers can show them the right way and bring the best out of them. The faculty at Apeejay is quite seasoned as many of them have more than 20 years of experience. The teachers must also be lauded for their patience. During online classes, they answered every question or query raised by students without coming across as stressed, angry or irritable. Due to their dedication, learning losses have been negligible.  Even with parents they share an outstanding understanding.

Share with us your most memorable moment.

Vivavan once participated in an impromptu speaking competition. The topic given to him was ‘Red.’ I was pleasantly surprised to see him speak fluently in front of an audience.

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