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The day I became a dragon healer



By Veer H. Malhotra

I was wandering in a deep forest looking for food when I came across a village. A village with no villagers in it! ‘So strange,’ I remember thinking to myself. Suddenly, I saw one villager. I caught up to him and asked him what had happened to the other villagers.

He told me that once a big dragon had been troubling their village and he ate all the villagers one by one. Today was his turn to be eaten! I told him not to worry and tried to comfort him. I then recalled seeing an old sword stuck in a giant rock while I was entering the village. As I told him to use it to defend himself, he quietly answered me, saying ‘It is useless to try to get that sword because none of the villagers had been able to get it out! Even the strongest ones had failed! So how can you possibly do it?” he said and started bawling. I had an idea! I whispered something to the villager which got him excited! I then decided to try it! My idea was to use a slab like a seesaw and topple the rock to crack it open and get the sword! To our delight, my idea worked! Suddenly the dragon appeared from nowhere but I was ready for him.

 As I confronted the dragon, I told him, “I will not hurt you, if you don’t hurt us!” It surprised me that he spoke human language! “Why are you here? I thought such a human was a myth!” he said. I was confused. He continued, “We had heard a story about a human who would not hurt us dragons and would try to show anger but was all nice inside. I thought that was a myth, and yet today you stand in front of me!”

I knew only Dragon Healers can do these things! I asked him softly, “But why are you hurting other people?” “Because our king is sick and only the person in the myth can heal him. It is said that he will ride our king! His name is Titanium and his power is all the elements put together! Our king is known as the Elemental Dragon!”

The dragon continued, “I am Morro, the Forest Dragon! One day, one of the evil dragon hunters shot a poison arrow at our king! The strongest dragons in the army, the lightning dragons, shot their lightning bolts at the hunters. But, only a few survived! They wanted us to not eat their rare Mugabra trees! I tried to explain that to the king but it was all in vain and now our king is sick!”

 “I am the Prince of Dragons now and no one else has ever gotten the role of a forest in centuries!” I knew now he was a super rare dragon! I wanted to fly with him and offer my help to heal their King.

 The Prince Dragon agreed! I hopped onto his majestic body and had an amazing flight! I touched the clouds and experienced the magnificent sunset! After 10 days of flying, I finally saw a Dragon Lair! Morro announced, “We are here!” When we landed all the dragons were happy! They had been waiting for the myth to turn true!

We walked past the excited dragons and that’s when I saw a weak yet majestic Dragon King – Titanium! Morro said “Well, heal him”. I felt scared to seem and I didn’t actually know how to heal him! But something magical happened! I cautiously walked up to Titanium and the words started to flow automatically. I whispered, “All thou who sacrifice themselves to save the crew is the hero of the dragons!” He was a very frightening dragon. He had 9 arrows in his body.  I then ordered Morro to get the rare Mugabra fruit! Morro soon returned with it.

I made a serum out of the fruits he got and fed it to the King. Instantly, Titanium became fine! The magical serum had saved the Dragon King! The king made me a Dragon Lord and a doctor to heal all dragons! And so I became a dragon healer!!