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‘Thanks to Apeejay, my children speak confidently in English’

Atul Mittal, father of Apeejay Charkhi Dadri students Gouransh and Manit, compliments the teachers for giving full attention to the distinct needs of each student



Atul Mittal with his spouse Neetu Mittal and children Gouransh and Manit

Atul Mittal is a businessman while his spouse Neetu Mittal is a homemaker. Their two children, Gouransh and Manit, are studying in classes 8 and 4, respectively. In a candid interview, Atul explains how Apeejay is helping his kids to succeed in life. Edited excerpts:   

What made you pick Apeejay?

Apeejay is recognised as the top school in Charkhi Dadri. There are many children from my extended family who are Apeejay alumni and they are all doing well in life. To top it all, the school is just a stone’s throw away from my house. Hence, the decision to pick Apeejay was a no-brainer. I got Gouransh enrolled in class 2 as there were no seats available when I tried a year earlier. Manit has been studying in Apeejay since Nursery.

Are you satisfied with the school?

I am fully content with the overall growth of my children. In fact, they are so much in love with the school that they wake up excited every morning. The happiness on their faces is apparent to all. Until and unless there’s an emergency or health issue, they never skip a day of school. This speaks volumes about the connection they have with the school and the conducive learning environment offered by Apeejay. My children are good in academics and passionately participate in extracurricular activities. Thanks to Apeejay, my children speak confidently in Englishand it’s a source of immense pride for me. I have often seen students feel anxious and nervous when they have to publicly speak English. We know that effective communication skills are fundamental to success in many aspects of life.

Tell us about the teachers.

Teachers give full attention to the distinct needs of each student. They also keep parents in the loop about the strengths and weaknesses of their children. Also, the herculean efforts put in by the teachers during the pandemic, despites the limitations of online learning, deserves a huge round of applause. Their effort was to ensure that no children should be left behind during Covid-19.

Share with us your most memorable moment. 

It’s a matter of huge pride for me, when at every Annual Day function, I see my kids perform in front of an audience. The reason being I have never performed on stage during my school life. Therefore, to see my children performing and getting accolades from teachers and others gives me unparalleled happiness. 

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