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Short Story: The Sisters’ Bond 



By Shivani Mohanty

I am Jewel from California. I had a perfect life. I had loving parents and I got good grades until my little sister, Julia was born.

She was a devil! I loved her a lot when she was born but then she grew up to become notorious in everything. Eventually, she also became more and more jealous of me as well as distant. 

I did not realise it until I had to give an audition for an inter-school competition and that day she locked me in the bathroom! I kept on banging the door but she did not open it. After the audition was over, Julia told me, “I had locked you up, loser.” 

How could she do that to me? I slapped her hard and told her, “You are jealous of me because you have no talent. I hate you!”

After that incident, I began to avoid her. She kept messing with me, when one day my left hand flung at her, out of my control. My mom was with me at that time and she rushed me to the hospital. The doctor told me that I had a rare condition called ‘alien hand syndrome’, in which my left hand involuntarily used to react to things whenever I was under stress or angry. It seemed as if it had its own brain! This condition had no cure. We told my dad about it but not to Julia! She would have ruined my reputation in school.

I used to play piano and so I applied to a prestigious university in New York. On the final day of selection, when I went to play, I found out that my piano notes were torn. There was a paper on it saying, “I hate you” from Julia. I was so mad at her. However, I started with my performance. Due to stress and anger, my left hand started playing the keys horribly.

Angry tears began to roll down my eyes, and when I ran out of the stage I bumped into Julia.

We started wrestling backstage. Our parents were called in and my mum and dad scolded her. Mom said, “You are such a spoiled brat, Julia. We are ashamed of you.”

At the same time, after much pleading and convincing, the judges decided to give me another chance to play the piano. Eventually, I got accepted on a full scholarship. I flew to New York and started working part-time to meet additional expenses.

After a few years, I began to do shows and posted videos on my YouTube channel. I became rich and famous too!

But one day, a shocking phone call from my mom changed the course of events for the upcoming days. She said that Julia had spent all their savings on partying and she is now suffering from liver disease due to excessive alcohol intake. She needed to be treated urgently.

I flew back to India and paid all the hospital bills. Julia’s health was fine after the surgery. When I went to see her, she asked me, “Why did you save me? I was so horrible towards you your whole life! I knew about your condition and I used it against you.”

I replied, “I did this for my little sister whom I adored and loved a lot! I couldn’t see that baby girl suffer like this. I just couldn’t leave you alone, sis!” She began to cry and said, “Oh Jewel! I am so sorry. I was so jealous of you instead of being proud of you. Please forgive me, sister!”

I replied, “Yes Julia, I forgive you. I do believe in second chances. You come with me to New York and complete your graduation there. You can stay with me. We’ll catch up and start all over again. Now come on, wipe your tears and give me a hug, Lil sis!”

Mom and dad joined us. And now, I have my perfect family back.